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Collaboration Challenge #2

This challenge closed almost 7 years ago.

The Challenge

Are you ready for our 2nd Collaboration Challenge?

Do you want to paint somebody else’s work? Does somebody’s work inspire you to write? Do you want to create a fractal of somebody’s art? Create a card (with a verse) from someone else’s image? Are you a T-Shirt designer and want to use someone elses art? Do you have some other creative ideas? Here is your chance to work with some of the most talented artists on RB!!!!

1. Work must be a collaboration between 2 or more Bubbler’s.
2. The parties involved must agree on who will post the work in the group and challenge.
3. You may be involved in more than one collaboration, realize you can only post one entry in the challenge and a collaborator will need to post. No limit on the number of collaborations you participate in.
Don’t know who to collaborate with or who may be interested. A Forum topic will be started called Collaborative Work. Post here your skills or what you are looking for.
Have questions about this challenge? Post in the Colloaborative Work forum topic. Others probably have the same question!
Because this collaboration will take time on agreement and work, we will start the challenge in a week.

Open to Live and Let Live group members only! We have already seen some awesome work! Imagine what we can do together!

Judging / Voting Criteria

Work must involve 2 or more Bubblers from Live and Let Live.
The works Description MUST give credit to all Bubbler’s involved!
Voter’s interpretation of the work!

Rewards & Prizes

Recognition! Image will be posted on group Overview page describing the collaboration!
Anything else we can think of?

Featured members.

Additional Information

Have fun…this is a great way to recognize one or more of our members work!!!!

Cover Image: Dragons awakening by John Poon


The Top Ten

Dragons awakening by John Poon

Dragons awakening by John Poon was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 8 votes.

  • Spirit of New England by Hilary Robinson
  • Spirit of the native American by Dawn B Davies-McIninch
  • Temptation Waits by Andrew Paranavitana
  • Sunflower ~ A collaboration by Alexandra Felgate
  • Pansy Collage by Caren

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