Abstract Lines

Group Rules:

Featured works, here, will show you exactly what we’re after for the Abstract Lines group.

“We accept abstract images showing strong lines or lines only.”
Submissions must include:
- A heavy focus on lines or lines as an obvious point of interest. Ideally only lines.
- Adherence to abstract styles of art. Abstract art uses a visual language of form, color, and line to create a composition. Abstraction indicates a complete departure from reality."
-Some high quality abstract realism images will be accepted but with a 80% abstract and 20% realism ratio… i.e. too much realism in images are best suited for abstract realism groups.
-Fractals welcome, but please ensure that they are showing only lines or that the lines or predominant over other shapes.

Not accepted:

-kaleidoscope images
-images with writings

All challenge submissions must first be accepted into the Abstract Lines group. If an image that hasn’t been submitted to the group wins a challenge, it will be disqualified and the challenge prize will go to the next-ranking winner.
If your image is rejected from the group, it was rejected because of a conflict with the rules listed above. Please do not submit your rejected image again. A full explanation will be given for rejections if you bmail me.