Lightning and Storms

The ORIGINAL and the Best Severe Weather Group!

Recent Work

  • Sea Dragon by dcdigital
  • Lightening Escape by UncaDeej
  • "The sea boils" by Malcolm Chant
  • Lighthouse Paintbrush  by Michael Howard
  • A Good Soaking Deserves A Double Rainbow by Al Bourassa
  • Storming by Nuno Pires
  • Breaking Storm by dcdigital
  • Plains of Thunder by James Cole
  • Deluge In Bocas Del Toro, Panama by Al Bourassa
  • Alberta Lightning X by Al Bourassa
  • Touched by God by James Cole
  • Alberta Lightning IX by Al Bourassa

About This Group

A group for photographic images of lightning and storms.


1. I don’t want to limit the amount of images in this group from each individual, so please USE YOUR DISCRETION when placing images here. Only add your very best work. Image submissions are now on a “Moderator approval” Basis. This will ensure a high standard of work.

2. Only place images here that are to do with the weather phenomenon known as STORMS. This can include things like- lightning, cloud formation, precipitation and storm damage.

3. Absolutely NO Photoshop composites. The images must be real.
4. Post processing is allowed, but don’t add lightning to a shot that didn’t have any.

5. I reserve the right to remove any image that appears fraudulent.

6. Critique is welcome, if asked for.

7. Tutorials are encouraged, I have been asked on many occasions “how do you take lightning shots” So please post the techniques used in your shots so others can learn the secret.

8. Please comment on others work, It makes their day.

9. Have fun chasing those storms. I know I do.

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