Ghost Stories~October Redbubble Voucher Challenge!

This challenge closed almost 6 years ago.

The Challenge

We are looking for any work of art inspired by a Ghost Story.
A ghost story may be any piece of fiction, or drama, or an account of an experience, that includes a ghost, or simply takes as a premise the possibility of ghosts or characters’ belief in them. Colloquially, the term can refer to any kind of scary story. In a narrower sense, the ghost story has been developed as a short story format, within genre fiction. It is a form of supernatural fiction and specifically of weird fiction, and is often a horror story. While ghost stories are often explicitly meant to be scary, they have been written to serve all sorts of purposes, from comedy to morality tales. Ghosts often appear in the narrative as sentinels or prophets of things to come. Whatever their uses, the ghost story is in some format present in all cultures around the world, and may be passed down orally or in written form. Wikipedia

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for your favs ♥

Rewards & Prizes

Winner-Redbubble Voucher bragging rights and Winners banner
Top Ten-Bragging rights and Top Ten banner

Additional Information

Please keep the theme of the group in mind~
“Light in the Darkness”.

Host have a right to remove any image that is offensive or is not suitable to the challenge.

Cover Image: she dances by moonlight by leapdaybride


The Top Ten

The Graveyard Ghost by AsylumWitch

The Graveyard Ghost by AsylumWitch was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 7 votes.

  • apparitions in the night by Rebecca Tun
  • .gathering. by Michał Giedrojć
  • I think I captured a ghost! by Sharksladie
  • Storm House by billyboy
  • Beyond The Invisible  by John Poon
  • The Ghost House by AlexKujawa
  • In a  Dream by relayer51
  • DEJA-BOO! ~ MY LOVE by Tammera
  • Ghostly Goings On by Patrick Noble

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