Life's a Beach ...with a Location

A group that relates to beaches around the world.

Recent Work

  • 19 Sqdn Mustang by Woodie
  • Daddy Long Legs (Pier) by Poete100
  • Cubist Rockface by Mark Haynes Photography
  • White Bikini at Ftenagia - B&W by Tom Gomez
  • Warrnambool Breakwater. by EdsMum
  • Approaching Portland Harbour, Vic. by EdsMum
  • Santa Monica Pier Photo by stine1
  • Ultimate wave at Hundred Foot Rock by Mark Haynes Photography
  • Late Afternoon Breakers by Bob Wall
  • SCARBOROUGH SEA by andrewsaxton
  • Porthcurno Sunrise by Andrew Hocking
  • No Salt by Kathilee

About This Group

“Life’s a Beach”……Because of that, we want to see what beaches from around the world have to offer. The beach is not limited to the sand and surf, but also all of the activities, trails, historic sights and much more that can be found there.
Bright colours, sunny skies, stormy evenings and crashing waves, we want to see all of this and more, from all over the world.
This group is for anyone with salt-water in their veins and those who want sand between their toes.
If you have painted a scene of a beach, or created a scene in PS, the acceptance will be up to the moderators own discretion..
So Please Read The Rules…..
As moderator’s of this group, we will not be featuring or entering any of our own challenges, but we will be uploading our own images and entering each other’s challenges..

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