Life Session Expressions - TWO PER DAY

Post your proudest life session moments with us! Limit of 2 per day please!

  • Curves 26 - Female Nude by CarmenT
  • Reclining 1 - Female Nude by CarmenT
  • Reclining Nude with Decorative Background by Bill Proctor
  • untitled drypoint etching done today by donna malone
  • Curves 25 - Female Nude  by CarmenT
  • Fara face down by donna malone
  • 'Genuflexion' by Pauline Adair
  • Backlights by Pauline Adair
  • Statement by Lorenzo Castello
  • Life Drawing Model by waynea3
  • hard rain by donna malone
  • IN THE FLESH by GittiArt
  • Red Curtains  by CarmenT
  • Megan's back view by Mick Kupresanin
  • claire on yellow by donna malone
  • MAN WITH  NOTATIONS by eoconnor
  • clare head turned by donna malone
  • Full Figure- Sketch of a Nude by CarmenT