Jet Packs not essential, but could come in handy!

Recent Work

  • the Sphere by blacknight
  • leap of faith by carol brandt
  • Migration by blacknight
  • Spaceships by blacknight
  • Lady in motion by Mel Brackstone
  • City by blacknight
  • Lost Love by Gary Cummins
  • The ball and chain.... by Gary Cummins
  • Can't leave them for a moment!! by vilaro Images
  • Untitled by thorald
  • Ise by thorald
  • Insectopia 2c by thorald

About This Group

We’re keen to see all sorts of levitation, high above the clouds, or just hovering above something….all it needs to show is someone or something floating above something else…..give us magic!

If you’d like an invite, just bmail a host, keeping in mind this isn’t really an active group, cos we’re all just hanging around. ;)

See the group rules and join this group here

Membership of the group is by invite only.