Alter Ego

A group for any and all art forms that have been altered in any way. From a little to a lot.

Recent Work

  • Two feathers by KLIMAS
  • Brock by Yampimon
  • Cut Cut Cut Cutaway by Yampimon
  • Sunlit Golden Forsythia by SunriseRose
  • A day on the pier by Peter Doré
  • Uliana by ururuty
  • Colour Me Golden! Sax Detail by MidnightMelody
  • Dahlia in the Rain by Kathryn Jones
  • Meet Molly! Cat Portrait by BlueMoonRose
  • By and By by ZebEddy
  • No Hiding Place! Bee on Rose by BlueMoonRose

About This Group

Editing can do so much for a snap shot or even a very posed piece as well. In this group, we want to see how you tweak or “alter” your work to be what you want it to be. Let us know what programs you are using and if your photo has been greatly altered, tell us what it started as. Sometimes it is so crazy what you start with and what you end up with. Show us the “alter ego” of you work!! ☺

Current Group Avatar

“I Spy In The Moonlight” by “Dion Nelson”

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