Group Rules:

Welcome to ★ART UNIVERSE★ I hope you will enjoy being part of this group of wonderful artists ☺
These are the group rules. Before you join this group please make sure you have read, understood, accepted and agreed to follow them:

By joining this group and submitting your work to the gallery, you agree that Kira Bodensted may feature images made public by Redbubble in ART UNIVERSE, or other promotional vehicle, on or off Redbubble, in electronic format, you will be credited as the author of the work.
You agree that this is publicity and acknowledgement and that that it in no way infringes on your copyright. A notice similar to the following will appear in appropriate venues: “The creators of the artworks shown are the sole copyright holders of the respective artworks, which are used here by permission”.
Should you at any time decide you disagree with this, it is YOUR responsibility to unjoin the group.

1. Images for which the main page defaults to anything other than ”Image only”.
2. Works which are a copy of a work copyrighted to another person, unless written permission was given by the copyright owner.
3. Images with a frame – unless I consider the frame part of the picture.
4. Images with text overlays – again unless I consider it part of the picture.
5. Glare, blur or other scanning imperfections on paintings and collages.
6. Images portraying violence, personal harm, suffering of humans or animals, weapons – war related images.
7. Images with an offensive political, sexual, religious content. No crosses of any kind please!
8. Products of any kind, and subsequently graphic designs and patterns designed for products.

- Don’t submit every new work, we only want the very best.
- Repeated re-entering of rejected work will get you removed from the group without warning. LINK
- Don’t enter more than one version of the same image.
Please understand that I will not accept ALL your work. The moderation process is meticulous and I am not likely to change my mind.
All images are accepted or rejected at the sole discretion of the Host. Rejection of work or membership applications will not be debated or explained. I simply don’t have the time. Don’t take rejections personally. Even the best artists have some work rejected.

Complying with these rules helps maintain “exhibition-class” work in the gallery, and reduces moderation time. Thank you for your understanding.

ALL stock images must be credited and linked back to the owner. If you don’t I’ll assume that you are the owner. I am not going to “police” you – but you may find your work rejected if you neglect to comply.

In ★ART UNIVERSE★ ALL accepted work will be FEATURED.
Moderation: Every day.
Featuring: Every day – just about.

Rules and guidelines are subject to minor changes without notification. More extensive changes will be announced in a group message.
Rules revised 6-9-17