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12-12-13 ... "THE DAILY DAZZLER" is here to wish you all a fabulous weekend :D

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On the Lake by ChristianSchloe

Marquee of Londonderry by Heidi Erisman

open your heart by floatingpilot

Autumn's Ending by Jessica Jenney

Pyramid with Hoopoe 68 × 45 cm by Irena Aizen

Um Beija-Flor na Janela. by Marcel Caram

Pearling Bubbles by Lemarly

Tranquil Cellist by Richard Young

Presence by Richard Young

Harpy by Joseph Barbara

Rufus the Labradoodle by Carole Russell

Alice and Dodo by tanyabond

Little Bird by vian

Bonnie and Clyde by flyrod

My Home is my Castle by Catrin Welz-Stein

Inner world by Ruta Dumalakaite

Maggie Moo II by kristijohnson

Rainy Night by Cyn Valentine

The Morning After by Roz McQuillan

Deep Space Metal Spirals by barrowda

Huldrafolk by shadowlea

breath of life by shadowlea

Bubble dreams by Ruta Dumalakaite

Testing The Waters by Phyllis Beiser

Cabeça Pensante II by Marcel Caram

Magic forest by Ruta Dumalakaite

Thank you to the featured artists for all the awesome work ♥
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Lemarly Lemarly 970 posts

So fine collection,Kira !!!! Congratulations to all talent artists ! And thank you very, very much for this big,big honor of being featured among these great creations !!! Marjut

Joseph Barbara Joseph Barbara 64 posts

Kira, I must congratulate you on your choice of excellent works of art. The selection is so varied. I feel honoured and proud to be part of it.

barrowda barrowda 2620 posts

Another amazing group of dazzling works – congratulations my fellow featured artists, and Happy Holidays to all!!!! :o))) David

flyrod flyrod 39 posts

Thanks Kira. Fantastic group

Phyllis Beiser Phyllis Beiser 140 posts

What a wonderful number of artist to be counted among! Thank you so much Kira.

Cynful Cynful 21 posts

Beautiful collection..congrats to all and thank you for including mine!!

Alison Gilbert Alison Gilbert 859 posts

Inspired choices, thank you for this collection.

floatingpilot floatingpilot 830 posts

What an impressive selection! Congrats to all featured artists! And thank you for including one of mine here!

ChristianSchloe ChristianSchloe 20 posts

Thank you Kira! Great Dazzler! Congratulations Everyone! :)

shadowlea shadowlea 1312 posts

Congratulations everyone on your outstanding work, ….and thank you Kira

Marcel Caram Marcel Caram 83 posts

excellent exhibition.!!
congrats to all artists

Susan Werby Susan Werby 2664 posts

Oh what talent here, Kira…I am in awe of such artistry…Congratulations to everyone!!!

kristijohnson kristijohnson 141 posts

So proud to see Maggie Moo with all the other gorgeous selections!! Thank you so much Kira!!
Congrats to everyone selected!! Happy Holidays!!

CrismanArt CrismanArt 527 posts

Congratulations to all featured artists to this magnificent selection!!!
Hugs from Christiane

LoneAngel LoneAngel 5328 posts

stunning work .. huge congrats everyone