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09-29-12..."World Animal Day" October 4th ☺ (locked)

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You may have seen the add on the RB front page. It says:
Next Thursday 4th of October is World Animal Day and to mark the occasion, we’re showing our support for The Nature Conservancy.
Purchase anything from RB using the code ‘wildthings’ between now and October 4th and you’ll not only get 5% off your order,
we’ll donate another 5% to support The Nature Conservancy in protecting nature and conserving habitats around the globe.
To get you in the mood for World Animal Day, we’ve rounded up some of the larger members of the animal kingdom to bring you
a collection with a little bit of an African flavour.

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Cranes in the mist by Tarrby

Cleaning up their act. by Tarrby

thinking about U by Jo-PinX

In Mom's footsteps… by Johanna26

Cheetah by SuddenJim

Gannets Skimming the Waves by Tarrby

Portrait of a white faced Saki Monkey by polly470

∗∗∗∗∗∗ by polly470-

Puffins returning from the sea by Tarrby

Flamingo Dusk by Tarrby

Roar for help by Alan Mattison IPA

" Resolve Now " by canonman99

Whoopers by Tarrby

Orang-utan by Lynn Hughes

In Your Face by Tarrby

Balancing Act by Saija Lehtonen

Friends of old by Alan Mattison IPA

Love….. by polly470

If I could only scream for help by Alan Mattison IPA

Buffalo Girl by Valerie Rosen

Common Buzzard by Tarrby

Kokanee by Sue Ratcliffe

Wary….. by polly470

The Siberian Cat by Alan Mattison IPA

The thinker by Alan Mattison IPA

looking over her shoulder by Alan Mattison IPA

Iblis. by polly470

Attitude by Tarrby

You bearly hug me anymore by Alan Mattison IPA

She Plays Harmonica by swaby

Le Grand Bleu by Trudi’s Images

My Second Attempt At Textures by NewfieKeith

Something of the Night by hampshirelady

Flamingo Mist by Tarrby

Little Egret and Chick by Tarrby

Sealed with a Kiss by Lynda Andreassen

Into My Arms by Lissywitch

Close to mom… by steppeland

Emergence by Pamela Phelps

Swanset by Tarrby

Adore by swaby

Horses Run by Igor Zenin

Happy Hour… by Karen Helgesen

Ebb Tide by Tarrby

Three generations by steppeland

Colobus monkey by Edge-of-dreams

Chief by Sue Ratcliffe

Utter Beauty by hampshirelady

Tale of a Tiger by Saija Lehtonen

Ready for take off by Tarrby

She walked in Palaces… by polly470

This is my best side, Dahling…! by polly470

Water Ballet by Saija Lehtonen

…scarlet ibis… by peter holme III

The Pensive Stork … by polly470

le loup blanc by Jo-PinX

Security… by polly470

The Beachcomber by Tarrby

It takes a family to raise a baby. by Debbie Kelly

Stay With Me by scott black

Here Comes Trouble by Lois Bryan

The Jaguar and the Peacock…….. by polly470

Pretty Flamingo by Tarrby

Let’s Walk Towards The Sun, Said The Tiger by ewanthot

Stealth ! by PaulAlbert

The White Horses of Absaroka by Sue Ratcliffe

Spectacled Bear by polly470

Confession to an Obscession ! by PaulAlbert

In Golden Grass
by Lynda Andreassen

…and the storm begins by Victoria Jostes

Wake Up, Sleepyhead!! by Lois Bryan

Pretty Boy by Lois Bryan

Zebra crossing by Lissywitch

…top of the world… by peter holme III

African Lion by Saija Lehtonen

Get it off me…GET IT OFF ME……!!!! by polly470

Expressions 2 by WOBBLYMOL

To Fly With Eagles by Karen Slagle

Lioness by Saija Lehtonen

Swan Lake by Tarrby

Cheetah….. by polly470

Contemplation…………….. by Rosehaven

Siberian Tiger by Saija Lehtonen

Moon Shadows by Tarrby

White Rhinos by Saija Lehtonen

Dawn of A New Day….. by BoudoirKandy

The Macaws by Tarrby

A Relaxing Afternoon With The Kids by WOBBLYMOL

Jump into the Fire by rodeorose

I can’t think of a title for this one, can you? by WOBBLYMOL

Cold Penguins by ajgosling

Elk Bugle by Kay Kempton Raade

Ainsdale Lake by Tarrby

Up Close and Personal by Tarrby

Shout to the Top by rodeorose

Mystical Pink Pelican….. by polly470

Wisdom And His Family by Jeanne Nations

Mule Deer Buck by Karen Slagle

The Rhea and the Ladybird…. by polly470

Belugas from the Arctic by restlessd

Wonderful World by rodeorose

Hide And Seek by Angela Burman

Ancient One…. by polly470
Young Mandrill……. by polly470

Elephant Impression by rosalin

Buffalo Moon by Karen Slagle

The Monkey’s Confused by rodeorose

Like Father, Like Son by Gary Murison

Lost Horizons by Trudi’s Images

The Pheasants by Gary Murison

Cape Buffalo by rosalin

The Ferreta’s…. by Trudi’s Images

Sleeping Beauty by Eve Parry

I Love You by Barbara Zuzevich

Orca Wild by Trudi’s Images

When I Dream ……………… by Rosehaven

Simba by Rosalie Dale

If you go down to the woods today by Sandra Harris

strength and patience of the greatest by rosalin

Fragile by rodeorose

The Lion King by Tarrby

…golden headed tamarin… by peter holme III

GoldenEye by rodeorose

Never Look Back by Gary Murison

Golden Eagle by Gary Murison

Dark Kitty by Trudi’s Images

M is for…….monkeying around by Lissywitch

Great Expectation by Angela Burman

K is for ……..killed for their horns by Lissywitch

A Badgers Lot by Angela Burman

Dining alone by Sprezzatura

Rhino by Chris Lord

Playful baby!! by polly470

Safety….. by polly470

Okapi by polly470

There is just something about a lion…. by polly470

Watching by Karen Slagle

Lee-Anne’s lazy fox…! by polly470

Dune by rodeorose

Perfect Storm by Rob Shillito Raw:Images

Are You Listening To Me? by Barbara Zuzevich

Tethered…… by polly470

Gaze by Lee-Anne Carver

H is for……..Hot Pursuit by Lissywitch

Dandelion & Burdock by Sprezzatura

Great Blue Heron by Tarrby

Bison herd… by Susan Schwarting

I need a title…!! by polly470

Someone to watch over me.. by buttonpresser

For Lee-Ann Carver
by polly470

Dance Me to the End of Love … by Rosehaven

by rodeorose

The Three Hunters by WOBBLYMOL

Zebra Texture on Texture by Manfred Belau

Rhino by Kurt Tutschek

Arctic Summer
by Trudi’s Images

The Night Stalker by Ann Van Breemen

Get off my Turf by Manfred Belau*