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02-08-12...ART UNIVERSE Special..."The Saga of a Fatal Attraction" by Ian English

© Kira Bodensted © Kira Bodensted 3901 posts

Yesterday I posted a group message … A Consumer Survey for potential WRITERS ..Only 7 responses so far, so I’m thinking maybe you
would like to see an example of such a work to give you an idea of the whole thing.

It just so happens that Ian English today have posted a fictional story to ART UNIVERSE exclusive – with pictures – and I invite you ALL
to read it and post your comments to Ian on this page.

I still need your feedback, so please tell me – using the above link – if you would be interested in such a Forum – either to post your stories –
or just to read and enjoy. …
And without further ado I give it up for IAN ENGLISH ☺

Victor is 59 and has never married. His shyness around women has
crippled his ability to socialize normally. He attended a boy’s boarding
school in a large country town and is the son of the local pastor.
When his parents passed away, he inherited property and money and
has never bothered to find a “real” job.
His flashy dressing appears to be compensation for his shyness.

Lily grew up on a sheep farm, the daughter of simple farming folk
who instilled strong values in her. She had never travelled let alone
going anywhere far on her own. At 19 she is quite naive and trusting
due to her sheltered existence. She remains optimistic about the future,
after all her parents have been through severe droughts and have
survived well enough.
She has an eagerness to discover ”life beyond the farm.

The Saga begins in the small town of Crookwell in country NSW in 1935. Lily has lived there all her sheltered life and is excited about her
adventure to the big city where she will attend Mrs Broadsworth Secretarial College to participate in a Pitman shorthand and typing course.
Victor also lives in Crookwell and has for some time become obsessed with Lily. 
She is oblivious of his existence and has never been aware
of his “keen interest in her.”
 Waiting for the train she has not noticed that Victor is also boarding the train!

Crookwell is quite remote and is the end of the line so the train engine must change ends to make the return trip. This takes some time and
Victor becomes agitated and constantly checks the time. Lily is quite relaxed and waits patiently. After all this is the start of a new life for her
and she is in no rush. She is actually quite nervous and excited at the same time and is totally focused on boarding the train and thus does
not notice Victor watching her intently.

One day away from home and familiar surroundings, Lily becomes naturally homesick and contemplates her uncertain future which all
seems overwhelming at this point.

The malaise doesn’t last long
and the colour comes back into her world.
She decides to make the most
of her time in Sydney and heads off
to explore the historic areas of the city.
Victor is never too far away and still
Lily is unaware of his presence.

Victor’s obsession was growing at a fast pace
as his mind played all sorts of cruel tricks on his thinking.
Nothing else mattered.
His desire grew more intense by the day.
The danger of Lily becoming aware of his presence
increased as he became more careless
about remaining inconspicuous.

In trying to fit in with the city girls at the college,
the evils of tobacco enticed her to take up cigarette smoking,
after all EVERYONE smoked. This pseudo sophistication
made her even more desirable to Victor
and his mind was going crazy with desire.

Finally Lily’s female intuition kicked in and she started getting creepy feelings of being watched.
There were times when she experienced a sense of evil around her, sending chills up and down her spine.

Victor could contain his feelings no longer.
When his advances were rejected with horror by Lily, passion, anger, frustration and violence came together with disastrous consequences.
“If I can’t have her, no one will.”

Lily’s spirit begins its journey back to the most comfortable happy place of its human existence, escaping from the horror, which ended her life.

With no prisoner rehabilitation help available, Victor was condemned to a life sentence to contemplate his thoughts, guilt and regrets.

Karen  Helgesen Karen Helgesen 306 posts

Awesome, Ian! This reminds me of an old movie….before they had sound. It reads beautifully and the images are bodacious! I would love to see Art Universe launch a project like this! I tend to lack focus sometimes and this would be wonderful way for me to tell a story. KIra….would it be possible to add a non-fiction category as well as fiction? Most of the pieces I have written are of a memoir nature…Hope this works out, it would be a very unique addiction to the group!

If I decide to go ahead with this …and I will need more than 7 people to express their interest
I will set up some guidelines for what is acceptable.
I will certainly get back to you on this ☺

LoneAngel LoneAngel 5177 posts

wow .. awesome work

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 5057 posts

Very well put together!

eoconnor eoconnor 2450 posts


Ian English Ian English 125 posts

Kira, you have done an awesome job pulling this together and I sincerely hope people respond to the concept. I had so much fun creating the images and storyline and I must admit it was a huge catalyst in reigniting my creative juices. A huge THANK YOU for your incredible efforts with this special RB group. Cheers……..Ian

Thank you very much Ian..I am sooo happy that you are pleased with the outcome.
I hope you will get a lot of good feedback ☺

Dianne English Dianne English 194 posts

So much work Ian and such a great result xx

Sherryll  Johnson Sherryll Johnson 204 posts

Applauding, what fun plus the work involved to pull this off! Bravo!! :-)

linmarie linmarie 2102 posts

oh,, I so enjoyed this journey and story Ian,, wow.. fantastic, when does the book come out? What a wonderful idea.. Kira,, you have sparked some inspiration. I have some writes that tell a story in sequence,,about Rebecca and Edward, but never put art together with them because most groups want just a write with no art, or art with no writing..
now I am inspired to try .. thank you Ian for your lovely artistic mind and vision.. and this was just over the moon, I have goosebumps..and I am clicking watch this subject, so I can keep coming back to read and gaze again and again, you are truly inspirational!!! peace, love, light and inspiration.. linmarie♥

tori yule tori yule 7227 posts

Quite the brilliant work, Ian. Great story and amazing images. I love this series, and will have a closer look at each image.
Thank you, Kira for putting this together. It gave me the opportunity for a peak of this fantastic work.

Vicki Ferrari Vicki Ferrari 754 posts

Absolutely brilliant Ian!!! And Kira, for putting this together!! Bravo!!! :)))

carol brandt carol brandt 118 posts

Ian! I’m completely blown away. What a sensational presentation. A great story and your photos are brilliant, every single one. Love how you’ve placed the protagonists, the furtive vs innocent postures, the post-treatment. You obviously put a great deal of work into this little saga. I’m impressed to bits!!! .. now I must catch up with the rest of your work. Cheers! Caz

Jillian Merlot Jillian Merlot 13 posts

The whole series is fantastic!!! You are a fine, creative and brilliant artist!!!!!

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