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12-08-11...OUTSTANDING DAILY FEATURE...The Classy Gallery YOU want to be in

© Kira Bodensted © Kira Bodensted 3764 posts


                                    Your work has been chosen for most Outstanding Daily Feature
                                    OBS: To qualify for this gallery there can be no watermark in the middle of the picture.

Dashing through the Snow by Elaine Manley

The Highland Cow by polly470

Julianna by Kanchan Mahon

Sagittarius by Dwarkan

Free as a bird by MarieG

The last dream before dawn… by dorina costras

Oh! those golden slippers by Alan Mattison IPA

They Call Me the Wild Rose by Shanina Conway

moth effect by Nikolay Semyonov

Atomic Pineapples by Bunny Clarke

The Lost Brigade by fizzyjinks

Romance by Katy Breen

Wishing you all a wonderful day and remember. There is nobody like you! ☺
Hugs …Kira ♥

BettyHermann BettyHermann 4716 posts

Ooooh! Beautiful works!

Congratulations to ALL the wonderfully talented artists!!!

MarieG MarieG 438 posts

Kira…you selections are always amazing…Thank you so much for including one of mine in there…a true honor! Many thanks for all you great work and congratulations to all artists…fabulous images!!

Elaine  Manley Elaine Manley 93 posts

amazing work from all ! wow thank you for adding mine Kira

polly470 polly470 897 posts

Wow! That took ages..I had to visit the ones I totally fell in love with! Brilliant Kira, and thank you for including the Cow!!
Congrats to all the talented people on here!

eoconnor eoconnor 2467 posts


Kanchan Mahon Kanchan Mahon 443 posts

These are such fascinatingly beautiful pieces of art! Each is wonderful to see here. Thank you for including my “Julianna”. It is such an honor, especially as new to RedBubble as I am.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the varied artists here!

Katy Breen Katy Breen 205 posts

What an honor to be featured alongside all these outstanding images!! I’m thrilled, and want to give a big CONGRATS to all these amazingly talented artist!

fizzyjinks fizzyjinks 106 posts

thanks so much Kira. This is a fabulous collection , very honored to be included. :))

Elaine  Manley Elaine Manley 93 posts

all so gorgeous ! congrats to everyone and thank you Kira for adding me !