Traditional, Photographic and Digital Art – gallery quality only.

  • 1601 Dead in the outback by Hans Kawitzki
  • 1672 Last days of autumn by Hans Kawitzki
  • Birch and mist by Silvia Ganora
  • Just One Tree by Randy Turnbow
  • Shadow of the Fence by Nadya Johnson
  • Peace Tree by Cat Perkinton
  • Brisk walk winter, Maribyrnong River.  by Elizabeth Moore Golding
  • The magic spring island by jchanders
  • It was another great morning by jchanders
  • On Little Cat Feet  (5200 views as of 061417) by Bunny Clarke
  • Spring Extravaganza by Jessica Jenney
  • Kensington The old Stockman's Route.  by Elizabeth Moore Golding
  • 1647 Tree at Pink Cliff by Hans Kawitzki
  • A Lady Of Beauty And Elegance by Dian Bernardo
  • contents by Loui  Jover
  • A colorful mind..... by Art-by-Renate
  • Sailors' Doom by LeaBarozzi
  • Playing with the shadow of truth  by John Dicandia ( JinnDoW )