Laratinga Wetlands

A place to showcase your best images of the birds and other natural species to be found at the Laratinga Wetlands, in Mount Barker, South Australia.

Recent Work

  • Golden Morning at Laratinga by Barb Leopold
  • ~ Blue Wren ~ by LeeoPhotography
  • On top of the World by Barb Leopold
  • Black Shouldered Kite by Bill  Robinson
  • Lunch by smylie
  • Ater the Rain by smylie
  • What? It's Morning Already? by Barb Leopold
  • Golden Spoonbill by Barb Leopold
  • Australian Water Rat by Barb Leopold
  • Superb Fairy Wren by Bill  Robinson
  • Eastern Rosella by smylie
  • Nankeen Night Heron by smylie

About This Group

The Laratinga Wetlands were constructed in 1999 and are a District Council of Mount Barker development. With a growing population, the disposal of treated water became a concern to Council in 1993. For many years the treated water flowed into the Mount Barker Creek and the impact on the ecology of the creek was becoming an issue so it was decided to upgrade the waste water treatment plant. A large artificial wetland was constructed to filter the water further and reuse it for local irrigators, parks and gardens. Natural plant species were carefully chosen and planted, to encourage the local species of birds and wildlife, and to date, more than one hundred different species of birds have been recorded here.

The wetland has taken several years to resemble a natural ecosystem. Landscaping design with the use of indigenous plant species has encouraged birds to utilise the wetland. Migrating birds utilise the safe island habitats. So far approximately 100 species have been documented here – so let’s see your best images of some of those 100 species!

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