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Landscape Photography 3 per day

A group just for Natural Landscape Photography. Minimal man-made (unless city-scapes) No photo-manipulation

Recent Work

  • bench in the woods by spetenfia
  • Old and twisted but still hanging in there. !! by aussiedi
  • Around Dongara #4 by kalaryder
  • Horse and Castle - Belmez by Ralph Goldsmith
  • The Sydney Harbour Project - Glory - The HDR Experience by Philip Johnson
  • 1207 Tidal River by DavidsArt
  • Calley by jmnicolson
  • Twilight  by John  Kapusta
  • Lesotho Plain by heinrich
  • Desert Moonrise by Tamas Bakos
  • Camara de Lobos Madeira by Lynn Bolt
  • Winter's Face ! by Elfriede Fulda

About This Group

Only photographs of natural landscapes will be accepted

This group is for natural landscape photography only

For the purpose of this group the definition will include urban landscapes, city views, sea views but not sky views.

Images may have individual objects included such as trees, rocks, people, plants and buildings however these objects must not be the primary focus of the image.

Any image requiring a safety filter will not be accepted into the group

Not accepted are the following:
No interior shots
No closeups/macro/portraits of people.
Sloping horizons
Photos where the sky is the main focus
Images that are out of focus
Images that are highly overexposed or underexposed
Composite images (made of two or more images)
Images that are photo-shopped or otherwise manipulated
Images that have borders/creative edges or text.
No writing on the photos.

Please note: Hosts may enter challenges in this group as they cannot affect the challenge outcomes


Peaceful Green Scene – Joint Winners

Lyn Evans

Michael Matthews

Bridge in a Landscape

Lyn Evans

Avatar Challenge ~ January 2017

Nadya Johnson

Winter Snowy Wonderland
Jo Nijenhuis


Red/Orange Light

TJ Baccari Photography

Avatar Challenge – Joint Winners


Mark Baldwyn


Michael Matthews

The Long Stretch – Joint Winners

Sue Knowles

Remo Savisaar

Not a Drop

Mark Malinowski

Avatar challenge – 4 winners



Kevin McGennan

Tony Crehan

Look Down



Linda Sparks

In a Forest or Woodland


Farm Crops

Yair Karelic

Land and Water

dc witmer

A Distant Ruin

Marylou Badeaux


Chris Allen


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