Realist Painters of Landscapes, Seascapes and Streetscapes

Realist Traditional LANDSCAPES (No PHOTOGRAPHY) of any kind which must be produced using traditional mediums. (Photography or Digital work is not accepted).

Recent Work

  • On The Coast Plein Air Painting by Karen Ilari
  • Cape Perpetua Plein Air Painting by Karen Ilari
  • 'Barnard River' by Lynda Robinson
  • At Beach by Anil Nene
  • After Sunset at Lake Fleesensee by Barbara Pommerenke
  • Day Dream by Anil Nene
  • A MAUI MOMENT  by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Summertime by David Snider
  • SpringFall by Anil Nene
  • Salisbury Beach Watercolor Painting by Sandra Connelly
  • The Old Pier by Alexandra Lavizzari
  • Seagull flying over the Ocean Painting by Sandra Connelly

About This Group

Recent Challenges…


The Hills are Alive Challenge Winner is Virginia McGowan

From Hancocks Lookout South Australia
by Virginia McGowan

The Landscape in Watercolour Joint Winners are Sergei Kurbatov and Beatrice Cloake

Country road
by Sergei Kurbatov

Sweet England
by Beatrice Cloake

The Landscape in Pastel Joint Winners are Tom Godfrey and Virginia McGowan

Kogarah Bay
by Tom Godfrey

View from the Rooftop St Bernards Tamborine In Pastel
by Virginia McGowan

The Landscape in Oil Challenge has been won by John Cocoris

by John Cocoris

Congratulations to all the Top Tenners, and thank you to all participants for your entries and your votes.

Please note: This group is for hand painted “realist” works
Abstract works will be accepted, but only if they contain a significant element of realism and are readily recognisable as a ‘Landscape, Seascape or Streetscape’

In the description of your work, please include medium, support and dimensions. For example: Oil on canvas (20 × 30 inches).

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