Ladies Auxiliary- Need Co-host

Where women are women..and more....

Recent Work

  • Red wine and naked woman by AnnSp
  • Enter the Void by TRASH RIOT
  • Collene at the beach by glennbrady
  • Gothic Photography Series 163 by Ian Sokoliwski
  • Aimee on point  by BM Ruskin
  • Moon Rain Dancer. by Andrew Nawroski
  • I am Balance by AnnaAsche
  • Punks not dead by Ruta Dumalakaite
  • Luchadora by Sonia Pascual
  • Girl Boss by hocapontas
  • When First We Kissed by Alma Lee
  • The Seated Fair Lady by Helenka

About This Group

‘AUXILIARY’- 1. Helping; giving assistance or support.
2. Held in reserve for exceptional circumstances.

Who are we?? A group defining WOMEN…merging women from the past, to the
present and into the future…..

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