Kustom Kulture


Recent Work

  • flying eye - vondutch by koolkatart
  • Camila Huesitos - Sugar Skull by sandygrafik
  • FIJI MERMAID - Art By Kev G by ArtByKevG
  • Aloha tiki by koolkatart
  • Amelia Calavera - Sugar Skull by sandygrafik
  • Chrome Lashes - Liz Leggett Photography by LizLeggettPhoto
  • Rocketfunk by scat53
  • Sun Waiting - Liz Leggett Photography by LizLeggettPhoto
  • Sparky the Panther - Art By Kev G by ArtByKevG
  • Rolling Bones Rod by barkeypf
  • Punk Icon by amybelonio
  • Punk Rawk  by amybelonio

About This Group

Kustom Kulture

Is the artwork, the vehicles, the music, the movies, the hairstyles, the pin ups, and the fashions of those who radically and rebelliously Kustomized their cars, their motorcycles and themselves from the early 1950’s until today.

The Kustom Kulture movement is predominately defined by artists of the ‘Lowbrow’ genre. The likes of Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth, Robert Williams, Gary Panter, The Shag and Mark Ryden just to name a few. Tattooists, Pinstripers and Comic Artists play a major role in producing their own ‘lip smackin’ brand of lowbrow art.

Of course, with art comes music and with music comes Sub Kulture. Rockabillys, Skinheads, Punks, Goths, Mods, Beatniks, Rudeboys, Underground Rats, Swingers, Teddy Boys, Greasers, Bikers…
the list goes on…..but then so does the beat. ;)

We were Born Bad…but we were Born Kool.

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