King And Queen Of Perth

Photos from Kings Park and Queens Gardens

Recent Work

  • Cranbrook Bell - Darwinia meeboldii  by lezvee
  • Holly Flame Pea, Chorizema ilicifolium by lezvee
  • Prickly Honeysuckle - Lambertia echinata by lezvee
  • Grevilea armigera (Prickly Toothbrush) by lezvee
  • Eremophila purpurascens by kalaryder
  • The Natural Bridge Kalbarri Western Australia  2 by Colin  Williams Photography
  • The Natural Bridge Kalbarri Western Australia  1 by Colin  Williams Photography
  • Verticordia staminosa  by kalaryder
  • Grevillea leucopteris by kalaryder
  • Botanical gardens by SPQQKY
  • Kings Park by SPQQKY
  • Grevillea paradoxa (Bottlebrush grevillea) by lezvee

About This Group

This group is for Photos taken in Kings Park and Queens Gardens, not happy snaps please. Photos of humans are allowed but not as’happy snaps’. We would like the focus of the image to be either a part of the Park and Garden themselves, or surrounding areas taken from the Park or Garden, or something very specific to the Park or Garden, such as an Anzac veteran, or an event in the Park or Garden. Please add a brief description of the photo ie. “This is the Narrows Bridge taken from beside the Cenataph in Kings Park.”

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