Kaleidoscope art on cards

Kaleidoscope art must fit card measures and be available.

Recent Work

  • Gardener's Quilt by Belinda Osgood
  • Razzle Dazzle by Belinda Osgood
  • My Purple Flower by aprilann
  • Opaleidoscope by Joel Fourcard
  • Banksia Star by Joel Fourcard
  • Lambs ears by aprilann
  • Shades of Cool by Belinda Osgood
  • Synergy by Belinda Osgood
  • Don't Fence Me In by aprilann
  • High In the Sky! by aprilann
  • Tentacles by Belinda Osgood
  • Patches by Linda Miller Gesualdo

About This Group

This group is for showcasing your great kaleidoscope art. But be careful: your art has to fit the card measures (4 × 6 inches, 5 × 7.5 inches or a multiple of this) to avoid black or white borders next to your image. All images must be made available.
As the buyers should decide what they want to use the cards for, we don’t allow any writing on the images.
Kaleidoscope’s work is based on the principal of multiple reflection when more than one mirror are attached together. (definition taken from wikipedia.org)

Here is our group banner, designed by Dirk Pagel Put it on your profile if you like!

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