Group Rules:

Limit of 3 images a day (24 hours).

This is a photography group only, no writing, journals or clothing will be accepted.

For acceptance into the group a photo must meet each of the following criterion.
(1) The photo will usually be candid. That is not posed, or taken in a studio and the subjects will mostly be not aware their picture is being taken.
(2) The images must have a documentary, journalistic, or street photography nature or style.
(3) The picture must not be overly manipulated. Only cropping, adjusting of brightness and contrast and minor adjusting of color is allowed.
(4) The photograph must have a narrative, a story behind it. The story must be the reason the photo was taken.
(5) Qualifying pictures must have aesthetic appeal. The aesthetic appeal of the photo should help the narrative.

For a picture to be classified as a “decisive moment” picture, it must meet all five conditions. All images will be moderated by the hosts. Images that fail to meet all the criterion will be rejected.