a group for horses, anywhere, anytime, anyplace and any medium

Recent Work

  • Out M @ hard 2019 by Sahin7
  • R3y_L30n .... by Sahin7
  • My Friend the Elephant by Sahin7
  • Just the Two of Us by BarbBarcikKeith
  • Galaxy Galloping Unicorns with Confetti Embellishment by Ladyfyre
  • Galloping Galaxy Unicorns by Ladyfyre
  • Spirit Horse by LoneAngel
  • A Pair of Heavy Horses by LoneAngel
  • In Harmony by AngieDavies
  • Black Arabian Portrait by practicalisimpl
  • Three Bros Part Deux by Ladyfyre
  • Three Bros by Ladyfyre

About This Group

This is a group for those who are passionate about drawing, painting, photographing, designing Ts and iPhones /iPads or even writing about the horse so add all you finest works about these magnificent animals

This group is for horses and ponies …any horses, any ponies, anywhere at anytime but lets see your best works

We accept all types of Images, Photos, Photo-manipulation, Cards, Tee Shirts, iPhones and iPads

There will be features every 2 to 3 weeks

Please read the rules and make sure you understand them before joining this group
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Tots To Teens Tees
The winner of the challenge .. Horse and Human (Feb 2014) .. is .. TonyCrehan .. with a stunning capture .. Barrel Racing – Horse and rider – Fort Worth – texas

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