JUST FUN-Two day only ( & No Flowers or Landscapes unless used in a humorous or unique way )

Accepting artwork depicting the Lighter (and, at times *Darker*) side of life;-)

Recent Work

  • Water off a ducks back 01 by kevin Chippindall
  • Still Life Caramel Apple by mikistarlight
  • Wizard Breath by strangethingsA
  • Orange peel dress ballet dancer by awiec
  • Outiside my Bedroom Window by Chanel70
  • WATCHING THE SUN SET by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • There are shortcuts to happiness ... like dancing ! Quote / Cat doodle by eyecreate
  • Team Australia 8 by kevin Chippindall
  • Blossom Is New Life by Joy Watson
  • The Architect  by CBoyle
  • Driving into Stars by Adam Bykowski
  • Groovy Crystal by Sybille Sterk

About This Group

If you enjoy doing sketches, drawings, paintings, and/or doing the art of photography you are in the right place. Show your work here and have some fun with us. Also, due to the large amount of members in this group, we ask at this time that you would please keep your group art posts to a maximum of 2 per day.
Please ~ No nudes, this is a family friendly group!

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