*ONE SINGLE FLOWER ON DISPLAY* ( The Full flower must show no part of the flower cut off )

Group Rules:

1: This group is for single flowers only, e.g. one single flower.
2: It has to be a SHOW PIECE for the Group’s name is *One Single Flower On Display
3: Garden shots allowed as long as they are within the Rules.
4. Close ups will now be allowed. But only it is done as an abstract. Soft dreamy look. Out of focus.

NO Insects on the flower.
The whole flower must show.
No bushes or bunches of flowers.
No multiple head flowers.
No Dandelion seeds
NO Collage
NO T/Shirts
No Phone case,s

When you add your image to this group
We host’s have the right to use your image for banners etc. with out asking Permission,

Features each Sunday
Challenges one a month

There will be no Features in any of the Festive Holidays
Have fun.