Applied Imagination (ONE submission per 24 hours)

Group Rules:

Please help us easily identify your product, for ‘Features’
… by including in your title what your product is – this ID is especially important for calendars, iPhone cases and clothing
Writers and journal’ers, please attatch/ID your writings to/with an image … we intend to feature a ‘group’ of work (eg. all iPhone cases, or all Calendars, etc etc) on regular rotating ‘roster’ – please help us easily find your work in the image gallery :-))


ONE submission of work per 24 hours – this means, ONE work only, whether it be a calendar, clothing, journal, art work, photographic image or iphone case
Please keep your artist signature DISCREET … your sig must not be the first thing your hosts notice on your image

♦ Calendars, photography
♦ Journals – promotional, doco, travel, tutorials, exhibitions, challenges/comps won, etc
♦ Writing, short stories, etc
♦ Paintings/artworks/sketches etc
♦ T-shirts/hoodies
♦ iPhone cases – must be your own work – no ‘stock’ images whatsoever.

Not accepted:

♦ no ‘stock’ images whatsoever. All submitted work must be your own work
♦ no written or visual depictions in any form of violence or cruelty. This rule is inclusive of ALL products
♦ no submissions of political agenda in any form will be accepted or tolerated
♦ no full frontal nudity or sexually explicit work of any kind, visual or written.

Members found not respecting the above Not accepted rules will be removed.

Please respect your hosts – we’re volunteers.