Open to Tshirt Designers, Illustrators and photographers, to post pieces showing culture, food, textiles, people, places, etc; of/or influenced by Japan.


  • Jascie Epinn

    To the weekend by Jascie Epinn

    Friday nights most of the time
    they get pretty live.
    I throw a party most nights
    and invite everyone.
    And no one can stop me.
    You know you couldn’t stop me last night.
    We invited everyone to the house
    and e…

    133 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    Forever by Jascie Epinn

    When you’re ready
    Every time you’re ready
    I’ll be there
    I’m subordinate
    I’m inferior to you
    I will stand behind you in every situation
    In every darkness
    In every dawn
    In every calm
    In every storm
    I will suppo…

    205 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    Elliot's Song by Jascie Epinn

    Good morning, Baby
    Why don’t ya drive me crazy
    With that smile, ohh yes.
    Just for a little while, yeah.
    Come over to my place
    Cause we’ve got so much time to waste
    Just for today, hey.
    Why don’t you come my…

    287 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    Waves of November, Drops of Jupiter by Jascie Epinn

    Saw faces in my couch cushions
    And passed through waves of November
    Drank Drops of Jupiter
    And danced with cigarette ashes on the tip of my nose

    189 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    Our Local Bar by Jascie Epinn

    You tackled him to the ground,
    Swung and swung
    And swung and shouted my name…
    My name.
    “I looked at him and all I could think about -
    All I could see was him kissing you.
    I just went off.”

    361 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    Elliot by Jascie Epinn

    Oh my God, I had the most amazing time last night
    With this guy who has my tongue in knots
    Every time we meet.
    He’s boyish
    He’s got the deepest brown hair coming down in tresses
    Green eyes and a genuine, …

    253 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    No, I Just Don't Give A Damn by Jascie Epinn

    And ya know
    Baby, that I just don’t care
    No, I just don’t give a damn

    335 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    Somethin' Like 9 Years by Jascie Epinn

    Life for me is like a commercial
    And it’s so funny
    How hard everything used to be
    But now it’s so simple
    So simple
    I’m just a kid
    Just a grown up kid
    And my life sucks ass
    My life sucks ass so hard
    But I don’…

    266 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    California by Jascie Epinn

    I’ve seen every edge of America
    And I have yet to see any single place
    Anything like California
    Anything like my friends and I,
    Traveling like gypsies through the rotting streets
    Under the rotting, hot su…

    181 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    In All Your Ways by Jascie Epinn

    Education is freedom.
    We are freedom’s children.
    The Lord is freedom.
    I dwell in oceans, serene crevices.
    I bask in their innocence.
    Innocent layers.
    I’m still young, very young.
    Youth is about me.
    Let it be…

    48 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    Youth by Jascie Epinn

    I am 21.
    My heart is a fire.
    A youthful blaze.
    Tears overcome my will power.
    And I don’t regret this weakness.
    I hurt.
    I hurt.
    I’m glad I still hurt.
    Sometimes I’m so torn.
    But I’d rather be torn apar…

    145 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    I Might Get Laid Tonight by Jascie Epinn

    It’s been a tough week, hell, a tough month. Dammit, it’s been a tough night. Aja and Caroline invited me out for drinks at the bar, and yeah, we had them. And I genuinely enjoy their company so I’ve…

    1093 words
  • Ken Hill

    The Crow's Caw by Ken Hill

    Late winter thaw
    Mist broken only by,
    A Crow’s caw…

    11 words
  • Ken Hill

    Tears of Time by Ken Hill

    Waves crashing on a beach
    Washing away,
    The tears of time…

    11 words
  • Ken Hill

    The Smell of Rain by Ken Hill

    Rolling waves and the cry of gulls
    Can not hide,
    Smell of rain on the wind…

    16 words
  • Ken Hill

    Tears of Sorrow by Ken Hill

    Dead yellow leaves
    Fallen on the ground ,
    Like tear’s of Sorrow…

    12 words
  • redqueenself

    Catfish's Kiss by redqueenself

    Catfish’s Kiss
    15 words
  • Jascie Epinn

    Life's Lush Lips by Jascie Epinn

    Is my way my way because it’s what I say?
    Am I righteous because I spit lines like this
    Strum a guitar and seem so perfect
    When I pray to God to give me a purpose
    Because I’m embarrassed to be bewildered…

    413 words