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Open to all imagery influenced by Japan – however if your work is not OBVIOUS in its influence (ie geisha, sushi, cherry blossom needs no explanation)…then please provide a brief description as to why it is influenced by japan, otherwise it may be rejected

Avatar by: Kimono Sleeve by Jenny Hall
used with permission



There is also a PhotoBlog – this is a place featuring not only inspired artwork from this Group, but from all over the internet that I come across! I hope you can make it a “must-stop” on your internetty travels!!

Please let thickblackoutline know if you do not wish to be a part of the blog.

All work posted will be linked back to your purchase page on The Bub.

Also in the forums, there is a Japanfluence Reference Guide, to all things Japanese, including Kanji Dictionaries, Food Reference, Cultural and Historical information, etc etc

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