Open to Tshirt Designers, Illustrators and photographers, to post pieces showing culture, food, textiles, people, places, etc; of/or influenced by Japan.

  • Red 'lil Geisha Girl by KCGraphics
  • Japanese Vending Machine by jess116
  • Bubblegum Supa by RedEarth
  • Tokyo Diner by sparrowhawk
  • CHILI PEPPER RED GREEN  by SofiaYoushi
  • Ode to Ramen by AquaMarina
  • Yummy Sushi by Nat Douglas (njd photography)
  • Occy by Stephen Colquitt
  • Sushi by TriciaDanby
  • Sushi by Carine  Boustany
  • Sushi by Carine  Boustany