Open to Tshirt Designers, Illustrators and photographers, to post pieces showing culture, food, textiles, people, places, etc; of/or influenced by Japan.

Work and Play in Japan

This challenge closed almost 9 years ago.

The Challenge

Thanks to ODE2EDO’s suggestion, “Work and Play in Japan” will be a tshirt challenge.

Preferably something newly or recently uploaded.

I was going to do open it to all photos and illustrations, but it would be too hard, so we will do separate challenges soon!!

Judging / Voting Criteria

We’ll be looking more at cultural references, rather than a minimalist or “vaguly asian” sort of inspiration.

Don’t forget to be Japanfluenced, this whole group is a wonderful resource!!

Otsukaresamades!!! (thank you for all your hard work)

Rewards & Prizes

Featured Artist for November with interview and custom banner.
Featured on Japanfluence Blog.

An original artwork by thickblackoutline, acrylic on canvas, 10 × 30 cms “Tranquility Tea” see it here

Additional Information

Feel free to submit more than one tshirt.

Comments questions please bmail thickblackoutline (don’t forget to mention you are talking about this challenge)

Cover Image: Sushi Traffic Light Night by thickblackoutline


The Top Ten

Death was invited to a costume party by rawbun

Death was invited to a costume party by rawbun was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 12 votes.

  • Ganguro Gal by F.M. Gore-Kelly
  • Chibi-X by Ivy Izzard
  • Lonely in Tokyo by lonelyart
  • mud bot by sithlordjax
  • Willow World. by AlienVisitor

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