iPhone Cover Art Plus - 2 per Day - Cases Only!!!

Group Rules:

Group Rules:

*Regular Redbubble guidelines.

*Red Bubbles guidelines require submission of only your BEST images.

*Images submitted to this group should be of a profound nature and of high quality – Please no out of focus photos or snapshots that would be better suited for Facebook.

*Entries may include photography, paintings. You may display your matching t-shirt design in this manner:

We will have no racism, sex, nudity, violence, not safe for workplace (NSFW), or any other thing that might offend our members or their children or grandchildren. This includes nudes, implied nudes, nude manikins, nude dolls, nude statues, paintings or drawings. No crotch shots or bare bosoms, no photographs of see-thru clothing or any other images that have provocative suggestions, or provocative tags.

*We will not tolerate religious or political bickering and/or posting of any material that may be offensive to others.

*The Hosts have the final say in what is acceptable and will not engage in any conversations regarding refusal of work. You can however politely ask.

*Please limit the number of your images you enter into the group to 1-2 of your best images per day!

*Hosts reserve the right to remove any work without explanation to keep the pages filtered and true to the group ideals.

*Copyright and trademark laws must be abided by. If in doubt – don’t.

*This is a monitored group so if you accidentally enter 3 photos a day, it may slip by, but if we continue to see too many entered on a continual basis you may be removed from the group. Same goes with blurry or images that are offensive – they may slip by, but that does not mean they are acceptable.

99.9% of the images that are entered into this group are great photos and artworks by great artists and we would like to keep it that way!

Hosts are members too, they have the freedom to enter the contests just as any other member. Even for voucher contests, they deserve some reward for their hard work running the group.

We will also accept private images and turn them into covers for customers, just Bubble Mail a Host going through RedBubble.

Thank you and most of all have fun!