2 Day # Indigenous to East and Southern Africa (Flora, Fauna & Wilderness only)

Wilderness and Wildlife Indigenous to Fifteen Southern & East African countries and Six nearby Island Groups in the Indian Ocean.


  • Thats What the Wise Lady SaiD by Graeme M
  • Desolation AngelS by Graeme M
  • The PhoeniX by Graeme M
  • WiN by Graeme M
  • Rhus lancea leaves - Black Karee - Botanical illustration by Maree Clarkson
  • Black Eagle by Maree Clarkson
  • Praying for rain. by Elizabeth Kendall
  • give us a wave by gruntpig
  • Fighting Hippos by Richard Shakenovsky
  • Some things take time by Elizabeth Kendall
  • SIDE BY SIDE - MOTHER & BABY - White Rhinoceros - Ceratotherium sumum -WIT RENOSTER by Magriet Meintjes
  • Lodge décor - Wildlife Triptych by Maree Clarkson
  • I could paint again!  by Elizabeth Kendall
  • Desert sands by cs-cookie
  • Silhouettes of Africa  by Maree Clarkson
  • African Silhouettes by Maree Clarkson
  • The Red Bishop 1 by Maree Clarkson
  • Lodge Décor - Gentle Giant by Maree Clarkson