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  • su2anne

    The harmony by su2anne

    Pooling they gather momentum;
    A spinning vortex of sweet sorrow
    Becomes a mighty helix of thrumming song that is the unsevered chord…

    42 words
  • juddarwin

    Haiku. U. Yes is you, 17 by juddarwin

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    17 words
  • juddarwin

    haiku. 18. Yes is you by juddarwin

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    17 words
  • su2anne

    Forever lost by su2anne

    A large crack appeared in a wall to release its captive
    Striking the floor; the desiccated husk, fragmented.
    Tiny pieces of She caught in an eddy of a memory
    Is all that remains…

    112 words
  • Vesna ©

    Sometimes by Vesna ©


    127 words
  • JRGarland

    Empty Nest by JRGarland

    Grown are the children
    As parents say their adieu
    Empty is their nest

    13 words
  • JRGarland

    Hallowed Dreams by JRGarland

    Whispering moonlight upon the shadowy stars at night
    Where hallowed dreams cluster bringing joy and delight
    Abiding in the warmth against a chilling night’s breeze
    Safe within the comforts of our abode …

    113 words
  • su2anne

    Inscrutable by su2anne

    Its all there
    Yet I feel nothing
    Riggling my toes into the damp earth gives rise to the stench of death
    Life’s blood lost…

    62 words
  • su2anne

    The carrion by su2anne

    A talon pierces an eye-ball
    Held thus I peer backward
    Hysteria bubbles up; a hapless jester, doomed to mock

    73 words
  • armadillozenith

    Uncle Willurby by armadillozenith

    He always was ready waiting for us: either by the front steps or on the verandah bench or just walking round from his toolshed garage.

    We’d say “Uncle, make the owl’s eyes”, and he’d laugh.

    1995 words
  • JRGarland

    Energy by JRGarland

    Everything in life is energy
    From your thoughts to the solid matter
    In endless supply throughout the universe
    It is the power to manifest all realities…

    Everything you could possibly imagine
    Has already b

    123 words
  • juddarwin

    Haiku U yes is you. 6 by juddarwin

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    18 words
  • Sybille Sterk

    silence by Sybille Sterk

    there are no words
    at the centre of the storm

    56 words
  • JRGarland

    Autumn's Tears by JRGarland

    An Autumn’s tear ebbing unto Winter’s dreams
    Crying for the hope of all who cares
    Where in abundance plenty, the Nightingales sing
    To let love shine in the grateful hearts of all mankind…

    Feathered mount

    108 words
  • su2anne

    Stripped bare by su2anne

    The mirror can not reflect what is not
    The little one may be grown in years and stature
    Yet t’is still newling

    44 words
  • greeneyedlady

    Cheap Cigarettes by greeneyedlady

    “Here,” he said, handing her the phone. “He wants to talk to you.”
    “Well, I don’t wanna talk to him,” she said, handing it back.
    “No, seriously, he wants to talk to you.”
    “No. He doesn’t care about me,”…

    211 words
  • su2anne

    What does 1 - 1 =? by su2anne

    To judge
    Is to question my reality
    Why is it that I can not see through your lens then?

    52 words
  • JRGarland

    From the Finite unto the Infinite by JRGarland

    We are the finite created from the infinite
    Who gives us the power to live in its abundance
    By co-creating a life worth living in all its glory
    Unto an endless world through time and space…

    Established i

    91 words