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TeriLee TeriLee 77 posts

If you were left a link to this page through a banner like this one….

Let me be the first to say….

Your work is now a featured work of the Incredible India Group!!!

Thank you, Your work is genuinely appreciated and enjoyed by many!

Blessings to you for health, happiness and creativity!!

TeriLee TeriLee 77 posts

Having your work featured makes you a featured member of the India group….don’t forget your badge of honor for your profile!

Just add an exclamation point (one of these guys ! ! ! ! ! ) then copy and paste this behind that exclamation point in your profile….that’s it :)

RuthFroehlinger RuthFroehlinger 9 posts

Sorry, but I just don’t get it. I don’t where and how I should add an exclamation mark?

ShootingSardar ShootingSardar 4 posts

Thanks Linaji & TeriLee for all the appreciation and above all the badge… feels proud!!!

nkbellani nkbellani 51 posts

Thank you Teri Lee, Linaji, Suresh ji and a most vibrant, Incredible India group for this honor. Lord Ganesh Ji bless us, all, always… :-)

nkbellani nkbellani 51 posts


nkbellani nkbellani 51 posts

lol!!! why’s this happening to me… ok let me try again…


Hannah Nicholas Hannah Nicholas 10 posts

Thank you so much. I’m wearing my badge proudly :o)

pugazhraj pugazhraj 3 posts

Thanks you`and all for featured my photo.

pugazhraj pugazhraj 3 posts

Thanks for featured my elephant.

John Kardys John Kardys 2 posts

Thank you. What a great surprise for the new year !!

sailucy sailucy 1 post

I’m very happy because I LOVE India and your group is wonderful! thanks so much dear hosts for this honour! The badge is great too!!!

niklens niklens 4 posts

Thank you very much….!!!!

niklens niklens 4 posts

Thank you again !!!!!

Gilberte Gilberte 289 posts

Thanks so much Linaji and the other hosts of the “Incredible India Group”for this honour.I love the’s great!

Nalin K Nalin K 2 posts

Thanks you for my work been featured, feels great.

Ganesh Davuluri Ganesh Davuluri 1 post

Thanks a bunch Linaji. I feel appreciated.

lotusblossom lotusblossom 6 posts

thanks a lot for featuring “india”, I feel honored :)

MoonSpiral MoonSpiral 800 posts

I can not possibly express how excited and grateful I am that you featured “The Messenger”. Thankyou! You do such a wonderful job with this group!

Boadicea Boadicea 7 posts

Thanks for thinking that my Hindu Priest at Varanasi was worthy of the standard of this group. I regard it as a great compliment

ardwork ardwork 1 post

Thanks for the great compliment, it’s always nice to be appreciated, and for all the hard work hosting the group, it can’t be easy…

csujit61 csujit61 2 posts

thank you so much ,i feel honoured, thanks again !!!

Indrani Ghose Indrani Ghose 68 posts

Thank you very for featuring mine.
I am thrilled. :)

angiejones angiejones 8 posts

Thanks so much for featuring another of my works. Makes me very happy indeed. Cant work out how to add my badge to y profile tho……..can anyone help me? :o)

wanderlust79 wanderlust79 11 posts

hi thanx for featuring my work but how do it put this logo of featured in “incredible india” logo on my profile..regards and thanks…