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Shree INTERVIEW 2010

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Members: Suresh, TeriLee and I are feeling lucky today. We have seen our group grow and become an amazing center for incredible artists all around the world that love India and come to share their experiences and art. Some live in India and some are transplants from India to other parts of the world.. We are so pleased to have Shree this month as our featured Artist!!! Sit back get a cup of chi and enjoy our amazing talent and friend.. Shree

“Every person is an artist in his own way, it’s just the medium that differs from one another.” I was born in India brought up in Baroda, a creative city of Gujarat. I love my land and am much attached to its diversity and cultural integrity.

I grew up fascinated with the beauty of Nature. I looked for the feeling, the real crux of what is called an unmatched and ever changing canvas generally known as the Universe. I used to experiment and discover so much as a child. I was drawn toward original, unique and handmade art. Exploring my inner world came easy for me.

Desires became my inspirations and emotions turned out to be my soul mates to sketch an image so uniquely that my abilities gave me strength to conquer my own failures.

I migrated 4 years back from India to Canada with my family. Not only for a better future but to explore new horizons for my art.
I am a banker and even there find expressions for artistic views.
My life partner is an artist also, she has skills in pencil portraits, oil paintings. She is a true muse to me and my artistic endeavors. We have a small child of four.

1. What influences throughout your life lead you to pick up a brush and begin to paint? Have you had any formal training or are you mostly self taught?

I basically inherited all of my art from my father who cared deeply for art in his own creative ways. My father & me both were self taught artists and had never took any kind of formal training at all.
He had mastery on creating very fine and detailed floral designs just with our normal pen on a laboratory paper as he was a chemist!!,

One of the most versatile art of Nail Painting which I learned from him and later on I developed my own artistic ways by experimenting on how to color them as he use to do. They were all without colors which people didn’t appreciate much. I played around with different techniques for many years and finally came up with the one which was really very unconventional & does not have any rules but still I managed to create some amazing shades and tones with wax based powder colors generally used for making colorful candles.

My other passion is Leaf Painting my own discovery at 12 years of age. As I was a nature lover I use to sit under a tree and paint whatever I saw in front of me. One day as I was trying hard to mix & make a right kind of shade I was out of. I needed a blank surface and I started testing my shades on some leaves which were lying around. I did not pay much attention to these leaves and went back to my canvas. At the end of the day I was collecting my stuff suddenly my eyes fell on few of those colored leaves which looked awesome!! I got the idea then and there to use them in my art using them as a unique kind of natural medium which was not at all expensive besides being so eco-friendly. The only point of concern was the preservation, but over the years I learned the technique on how to preserve it and today I can very proudly say that this unique art style of painting on leaves is my own creation where not only my visions are reflected in a colored way but in a way am contributing to nature’s environment awareness.

2. How long have you been Painting and where do you enjoy creating?

By now I have been painting more than 30 years on my own creative mediums and subjects. Nature and the world around me which is very distinct and unique. Slowly I drown myself with nature’s mesmerizing & unimaginable images which had left timeless impressions on my mind. My hobby took a form of a genuine business as more and more people started loving & appreciating my discovery idea of PAINTING on a REAL DRIED TREE LEAFS & etching designs on a special paper with my own Thumb’s Nail, which I call as NAIL-PAINTINGS rubbed with wax based powder color shades.

I normally enjoy painting in open spaces or at nights when I am alone by myself I stretch my canvas and pick up a brush with a kind of blur visions of my imaginative subjects dominated by my daily surroundings, some events, places that I may have visited again and again etc. Each day I am not the same person, as something’s appear spontaneously and some faces, shapes and visions may result from my dreams.

Leaf paintings have different subjects as they have to be done on a limited space but are challenged with details and fine ideas of lovely landscapes & seascapes, with varied shades where as my Nail Paintings originates mostly from my spiritual senses as you will see alot of God’s artistic forms, divine AUM, human emotive & figurative forms, abstracts & expressive embossed sketches

3. Where do you find the subjects for your work?

I dream a lot even today, I spend time walking in the woods, playing with butterflies, trying to understand why the snow looks so beautiful & if I could ever touch the moon….I often gaze at vibrant waves of the seas and still wonder those dramatic tones created in the sky at the dawn and the dusk, all such weird ideas constantly keep on challenging my inner creative instincts. It’s now that I understand the words of my beloved dad as he always use to say –
“Take some time to watch a sunrise, now and then a sunset too. Just be sure that seeking pleasure isn’t all that you ever do. Take sometime to smell the flowers, as you walk the paths of life, Take some time to ease the tension; from the challenges & strife.”

4. How best do you describe India, heart and soul?

India through my eyes is truly Incredible, where culture echoes, tradition speaks, beauty enthrals and diversity delights, a journey through 5,000 years of spectacular history and a colourful kaleidoscope of cultures, religions and landscapes. Bounded by the majestic Himalayan ranges in the north and edged by an endless stretch of golden beaches, India is a place of vivid treasures full of magnificent historical sites and royal cities, misty mountain retreats, colourful people, rich cultures and festivities.
The timeless mystery and beauty of India has been always warm and inviting, a place of infinite variety – one that favours everyone with different facets of its fascination.

India also known as land of temples, since centuries for all human life is depicted here showing the beliefs that there is no superiority between the physical and spiritual aspects of existence. However true India resides in its rural villages with farms in mud and straw huts, handmade sun-dried bricks, thatched roofs and jharokas can give anyone the headiest taste of rustic life ever along with its rural sands of Indian ethnicity & simplicity – this holds good for anybody who wants to discover the wealth of crafts, performing arts & vivid life styles that awaits & glorify the heart and soul of India.

INDIA…. where the varied splendors enlighten the heart and inspire the soul.

Love & God Bless,

SHREE . (Artist)
Toronto | CANADA

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Wow …Fantastic work of Fine Arts !! :)

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indeed Shree We are lucky to have your talents not only in Incred India but on this Planet!! What a joy you are!!

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