Impressionism Café - HANDMADE Art ONLY

Group Rules:

The following will be accepted into the group:
~Completed work that meets the guidelines below. (No works-in-progress)
~Handmade paintings in any medium
~Handmade drawings in any medium
~Handmade digital paintings and drawings
~Handmade collage/mixed media using MOSTLY handmade materials (at the host’s discretion)
~Handmade silk paintings
~Handmade monoprints

The following will NOT be accepted into the group. It will be rejected with no reason given:
~Photography of any kind
~Photography that has been painted or filtered to look like a painting. You know who you are.
~Photo collages
~Pictures of your local art show. (Yes, I get a lot of these. It may be you standing next to work that you’ve created by hand, and you should be proud, but it’s still photography)
~3-D work such as sculpture
~Promotional materials such as posters, greeting cards, business flyers, etc.
~Work with graphics. SOME HANDwriting is OK – at the host’s discretion. It really depends on the nature of the work.
~T-Shirts, iPod covers, Stickers, and other commercial-type art

The following will be rejected, but members will be given an opportunity to make changes and then resubmit:
~Work that is improperly cropped or rotated, i.e., you can see part of the wall or frame.
~Work that began as 100% handmade, but then graphics were added to make a poster, card, etc. The member will be allowed to create a version of the piece suitable for this group if he/she desires.
Unfinished work, or Work-in-Progress, and sketchbook pages. This group only accepts completed work. Member will be allowed to resubmit when the work is complete.

Impressionism Cafe’ Group Rules and Guidelines

1. Commitment of the hosts:

• Moderate works on a daily basis, as much as possible.
• Organize challenges on a regular basis.
• Update the Featured Artworks Gallery on a regular basis.
• Feature members of the Group on a regular basis.
• Take care of the Group and the members’ needs, according the best of their abilities.

2. Group rules and guidelines for the members:

First of all, the Impressionism Café guidelines include those of RedBubble as a whole! For a more detailed description of the RedBubble Guidelines, please read here: RB Community Guidelines

Please carefully review the Impressionism Cafe’ Group Art Guidelines here .

• Only 2D (two dimensional) hand-painted or hand-drawn works in medium such as: oils, acrylics, watercolor, pastel, etc, are accepted as long are on 100% flat surfaces (paper, canvas, silk…etc). Mixed Media, as long the GREATEST PART of the work is painting or drawing. Original hand-painted Digital paintings and hand-drawn Digital drawings are accepted only!

• When you submit your work for approval, please make sure that the description specifies the following:
the medium used
surface material
software, if your work is a digital painting PLEASE NOTE: The Group Host reserves the right to reject digital work with no reason whenever there is no description of the work. This ensures everyone is following the guideline of NO PHOTOMANIPULATION/COMPOSITE artwork. If it is difficult to tell whether the work was HANDMADE, not from a photograph, and there is no description, it will probably be rejected or removed.

• The Daily Limit of submission of artworks is 3 WORKS in a 24 HOURS period per Group Member. Please *do not submit more, THEY WILL BE REJECTED* without reason!!!!!

• There is no limit on the total number of artworks per member in our Gallery.

Challenges: Impressionism Cafe’ Challenge Guidelines
When you enter a work in a challenge, please make sure that it is added to our Group BEFORE entering the challenge! Work entered in a Challenge not already accepted in our group will be removed from the challenge without notice!
Challenge Winners will receive an Impressionism Café Challenge Winner banner and congratulations in the comments section of their work, a First Place Winner Ribbon and will be listed in the Challenge Winner and TOP 10 Forum as well.

Challenge TOP TEN placements will receive a Challenge Top 10 Placement banner, congratulations in the comments section of your work, and in the Challenges Winner and TOP 10 Forum.

Please keep in mind , ALL work submitted to this group for approval must be an original work of art, 100% hand created from a blank canvas (paper, etc). This rule applies to any Digitally Created work as well!

The following are reasons for rejections and “Impressionism Café” WILL NOT ACCEPT these!:

• Do not submit works poorly presented, such as:
Out of focus images
Images showing frame, mat, or the wall that is hanging on, etc.

• Artwork with writings, poems, etc.

• 3D Artwork. This includes:
Paintings on Bottles, Glasses, etc.

• Sketches, unfinished artworks, caricatures, or book illustrations.

• Cartoons, Manga

• Cards, greeting cards, posters, etc. ONE exception is in the case of a collage where the writing is incorporated into the piece. This is at the host’s discretion.

• Wall art, graffiti (please read about this art form here in Wikipedia )

• Clothing/T-Shirts

• Photography, photograph digital art collage, photographs digitally filtered to appear as an illusion of a painting or a drawing, digitally altered photographs, photography/digital art composites or fractals!

• Pornography or violence, images in bad taste, is not permitted in this Group

• Loud and/or political manifesto type work.

• Journals or Writings

There are many other Groups for the above mentioned type of works.

Please note that if the hosts have any doubt about the originality of a piece or consider that the artwork is not following the Group’s guidelines, they have the right to reject the submitted work, with or without a reason. It will be totally at the discretion of the hosts to reject any work they deem to be inferior artwork or artwork that does not conform with the group standards.

Please submit only your best work. We would like to keep our Gallery showcasing only the best quality of ART to keep it shiny and at the level of one of the world’s best ART Galleries. Visitors to our gallery need to see the best of your ARTWORK, pieces that any buyer would proudly hang on their walls. Try to put yourself in the shoes of an art collector. Ask yourself if you yourself would pay money for the artwork.

We will try to keep the number of our Gallery pages to approximately 400 pages (for the time being), which is why we will periodically remove older pieces. We will keep our membership informed via Group Messages as we undertake those house cleaning processes. Obviously, we would like to see as many of your newer creations we can, but in case of removal please feel free to resubmit your work in the Group.

It is in our members’ interest that visitors find this gallery interesting and inspiring, less monotonous and, of course, less time consuming to browse through the pages.
Your beautiful ARTWORK deserves the best exposure to gain its well-deserved recognition and admiration.

Impressionism Café’s intention is to promote all the wonderfully talented members’ ART!!!

Once you have joined Impressionism Café, please feel free to add in your Profile our beautiful banner created by one of our brilliant member, Claudia Hansen.


All you have to do is: edit your profile, copy and paste the code above, eliminate the space between the first exclamation sign and http… and save the changes. The banner will show up in your profile, will be clickable, linking directly to our Group.

Once you are a member and you have questions, please post them in a topic, in our General Discussions Forum.

Welcome to Impressionism Café!
Please enjoy your membership and most of all, HAVE FUN!