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Featured Artwork November 17th 2012

Nicla Rossini Nicla Rossini 170 posts

Dear all,

let us all congratulate our Members whose work is featured this week in Impressionsm Cafè! I am afraid it might be too early to feature again, but I’ve done it and there’s no going back when I do something LOL.

My heartfelt congratulations and thank you for submitting your work!


Françoise  Dugourd-Caput Françoise Dug... 409 posts

beautiful choice, thank you very much for including me, congrats to all artists featured

BarbBarcikKeith BarbBarcikKeith 474 posts

Thank you very much for including my art in your choices for features.. and congrats to all the talented artists!!

Julia Lesnichy Julia Lesnichy 10 posts

thanks for featuring me in your gallery!

Mikki Alhart Mikki Alhart 89 posts

Thank you for featuring me in your gallery. Congratulations to all the talented artists in this selection. It is a true honor to be among such creations.

tusitalo tusitalo 38 posts

Thank you Impressionists Café. Congratulations to all those that have been featured in this section.

BeClo BeClo 9130 posts

Congratulations to all artists for the features.
Thank you so much for including my little painting among these gorgeous works

myrrhage myrrhage 843 posts

Thanks so much for including “Lost Contact” amongst the gorgeous works of art, Nicla! It is very much appreciated. Well done to all the featured artists :)

Jsimone Jsimone 10 posts

I am honored and falttered. The old world of impresionism is a wonderful world and it must have been grand to first see the hinting of colors and not description. Bravo to all the artists here.