Immortal Love

Supernatural/Horror Romance and Erotica

Recent Work

  • i wish i could get my tear drops back by charliethetramp
  • Blood Splatter Matters {dedicated to all those fallen under the greedy and corrupted deep state} by ellamental
  • SOLIDARITY by Paparaw
  • PEACE by Paparaw
  • PEACE AND RESPECT by Paparaw
  • COALITION OF HATE by Paparaw
  • Too far from you by miashados
  • Let there be lonely by miashados
  •  Daughters  Of   MK ULTRA  by ellamental
  • The Vienna Garden Water Pourer by Ian Mooney
  • Over the love by miashados

About This Group

A place to create and appreciate the most powerful of forces in the universe in the supernatural arena – supernatural as in “more-natural.” Any form of supernatural being and plain vanilla mortals engaged in the primordial force of love, no holds barred, although we will strictly enforce the RedBubble guidelines on content.

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