Imaginative Realism

Imagination, Realism, Distinction - This group is for artists who keep all these factors as the necessary ingredients for every artwork they make.

Recent Work

  • True Colours by Anna Shaw
  • Going Home by Simon Groves
  • THE EMPRESS (tarot card) by Larry Butterworth
  • THE EXPERIMENT ! by Ray Jackson
  • THE LYCANTHROPIC  WAR by Ray Jackson
  • 'The Faerie Ring' by Susie Hawkins
  • STRANGE FRUIT by Tammera
  • Going with the flow by Peter Krause
  • Wonderland revisited by Carol and Mike Werner
  • the Baby and the Butterfly by Helena Wilsen - Saunders
  • Fish Tales by Rob Shillito Raw:Images
  • Underwater Photography and The Truth About Chish & Fips by AndyGii

About This Group

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
– Albert Einstein

This group is for artists who use imaginative techniques to depict realistic scenes and as well as surreal imagery(rules implied).
Members Expected: Artists who create works in the following genres:

1) Realism
2) Impressionism
3) Surrealism
4) Fantastical Imagery

Imaginative Realism is a genre which grows from a technique in which artists employ their imagination to create realistic images that are believable to the eye. Supernatural and surreal effects may be accepted in the images but 100% abstract or unbelievable concepts that are beyond normal comprehension are unsuitable additions to the group gallery and are likely to be moderated.

Important: The group follows a strict moderation code. Please read and understand the rules thoroughly before making the decision to join.

See the group rules and join this group here

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