Images for Film

Images that the artist thinks would work well in the context of a film

Recent Work

  • Ballerina by Luca Renoldi
  • Contemplating by Natalie Broome
  • To Be Young by Laurie Search
  • Fun and Games by Laurie Search
  • Summer Evenings in Santa Cruz by Laurie Search
  • Cricket by Luca Renoldi
  • Lights inside this dream by SunseekerPix
  • The Boardwalk by Laurie Search
  • We'll Just Sit Here For a While by Laurie Search
  • Siesta at the Parthenon by Sandro Rossi Imagery
  • A Mix of Emotions by Laurie Search
  • The Only Sound by Laurie Search

About This Group

Images that are potentially of filmic interest. They may be of a location, a scene, a detail, a character, an object, a sound, portray a particular atmosphere…use your imagination!
It would be great if a short description of the artist’s filmic vision for their image is included.

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