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Different, new, striking, interesting, disturbing, thoughtful… in one word *creative*

Recent Work

  • Interdimensional by seamless
  • Seeing The Light by Ben Loveday
  • Paint Your Dreams by RobynLee
  • Natural History Museum by John Velocci
  • Blue by Ronan Crowley
  • Being by Nikki Brown
  • At the Edge Of The Desert by seamless
  • Butch by blacknight
  • Remember, Edna? This was our earthly home.   by CarolM
  • Time for Sushi by Randy Turnbow
  • SANTA HAVING FUN by Tammera
  • SNOWBALL FIGHT by Tammera

About This Group

“What comes into the world without disturbing anything, deserves no consideration nor respect.” This quote from the great French poet René Char (1907-1988) could summarize at best our thinking since we refounded our group, former “Images & Ideas”, and now “Creative Images”.
We decided that from now on our sole purpose would be creativity, and by creativity we mean that “plus” which makes an ordinary image to be different, new, striking, interesting, disturbing, thoughtful…
We want to build with you an elite group, with the high ambition to be one of the most creative in Red Bubble.
And to fulfill this ambition, we need your talent, your passion, the best of your best images !

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Membership of the group is by invite only.

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