Image Tees

Group Rules:


We may critique your work to allow for entry into the group. Our critiquing is meant to inspire you to make a more highly-prized consumer product :)

~Why we reject images

  • Your piece is not suitable for a t-shirt (art directly placed on a t-shirt does not make a good design, even if you’re a fab artist)
  • Your work has fuzzy edges or has not been developed as much as it could be
  • Your design is lacking a few important elements – i.e colour, good placement
  • The images you’ve used are copyrighted or have been used elsewhere by a person/ business/ film/ tv/ etc
  • Your design does not look well-thought-out – t-shirt design is not about putting random pictures on a t-shirt, but it’s about designing and creating images that work with the body (remember these are to be worn!)
  • Your design is a combination of art-effects in Photoshop – again, Photoshop and Illustrator are great, but they need to be used within a context. Applying a filter or a swirl or a 3d imaging over a piece of art does not make it suitable for a tee.
  • You’ve submitted 2 or more of the same type of image (keep ’em unique)

T-shirt design is art, but of a different sort, and some people need help working in this medium. Even the best conventional art might not necessarily work on a t-shirt – the Mona Lisa would make a bloody ugly shirt – and some designers simply don’t see that.

T-shirt design is not art for art’s sake. In fact, if it helps, don’t see it as art. Here we’re designers, and we design stuff for clients and consumers.

We suggest if you are not sure about your design that you submit it to “Critique Tees”, our partner group, to get some feedback.

If you are an AUSTRALIAN designer or artist, we really want to see and hear from you! Please feel free to submit work, but keep it at a high degree of finish… and we’d love to know what makes you tick, so please update your profiles so we can get to know you better!