Image Tees

Your BEST Image T-shirts - Unique designs that make a statement and engage the viewer

Recent Work

  • Flux This by Diesel Laws
  • Cup of Tea by Beub
  • Saint Patrick by Kevin Middleton
  • Horizon by Kitsmumma
  • Manhattan 360. by BlameEmma
  • The Grass is Always Greener by alwayslovedcc
  • Dough Style by alwayslovedcc
  • Tea for Two by Naomi  O'Connor
  • dis"funk"tional orb by o0OdemocrazyO0o
  • Precious Tongue by . VectorInk
  • little dreams by lunaticpark
  • Toast Ninja - Flaming Fists?  by o0OdemocrazyO0o

About This Group

If you have a cool t-shirt design, with little or no text, this is the place to be! There are no restrictions on design, but “degree of finish”. This group is for all t-shirt designs that catch your eye, say something, make a statement, or simply take your breath away.

Design MUST have high degree of “finish”

“Degree of finish” relates to the sell-ability of your work. If you used Photoshop, Corel or Illustrator, are the lines clear and defined? If you have fuzziness around the images, you may need to clean it up. Are you uploading a high quality megapixel image? Have you submitted your work for critique?

We don’t want to dissuade any artists, but this group really is about your best work. See: for ideas of what we mean.

We have another group called, “Critique Tees” which allows for work to be submitted and critiqued- this is your “room to improve” group. We STRONGLY recommend you submit your work to critique if you have had any works rejected from this group.

This group, “Image Tees” is all about finished work that WOWS the viewer

Please note: We do not allow-
- Snapshots on tees (no pics of pets please!)
- Offensive imagery or blatant sexual images
- Pictures of things in boxes on a tee (artwork slapped on to a tee rarely looks good! Try to work the edges into the tee)
- Unfinished work/ pieces that lack a high degree of ‘finish’.
- Copyrighted imagery – MUST be your own work! (i.e. Mickey Mouse/ famous characters that look too closely similar are not allowed)


See the group rules and join this group here

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