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The Superheroes Alphabet

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I have included Numbers 1-12 at your suggestion, so our back up people can now get involved too:))
But we are definately closed now
If anyone wants to be an “extra safe back-up” incase we have drop outs, please let me know by bmail (this would mean you may be called to do a second letter or number, if anyone cant manage)


The Details are displayed below. Thank you so much for all your wonderful ideas for the end product- but there were some constraints to consider- Mainly Financially, My Capacity, Copyright and Royalities.
So Hopefully you will all be happy that I’m going for Maximum Exposure for Limited Cost with this- I think its realistic and there are ways you can help keep the promotion going too

Please read the Details carefully and follow the links to the consent page- You will need to post consent before you take part.


Should anyone not be happy with the terms behind the project, do let me know, sooner rather than later.

The comments from this thread have been cleared now- so we can begin :)))


A- Lionel Tosan POSTED
B- Erica Rosario POSTED
C- Cianna Rose POSTED
D- Anthony Massingham (reserve) POSTED
E- Ausven POSTED
F- Stephanie Smith POSTED
H- XlthLion POSTED
I- Matt Mawson POSTED
K- Kestrelle POSTED
M- Micklyn POSTED
N- Secret Planet POSTED
O- Moonspiral POSTED
P- Diana Lee Saville POSTED
Q- M McKeithen POSTED
S- Anita Inverarity POSTED
T- Stewart O’Neal POSTED
U- Cate Townsend POSTED
W- Lynsye Medalia POSTED
X- Michael Alesich POSTED
Y- Sandygrafik POSTED
Z- Lynette Shelley POSTED

1-Mobii POSTED
2-Danielle Reck POSTED
3-Tiffatron POSTED
4-Luke Brannon POSTED
5-Strawberries POSTED
6-Damien Mason POSTED
7-Anni Morris POSTED
8-Sanne Thijs POSTED
9-MonsterKidd POSTED
10- Raz Solo POSTED
11- MatthewDunnart POSTED
12- Pip Gerard (reserve) POSTED



Anita Inverarity Anita Inverarity 4179 posts


- The Letters/Numbers will be in a “Children’s Illustration” Style

- Content must be appropriate for Children, as it will be viewed in Childcare Settings

- IMPORTANT- The size of your work must fit onto a POSTCARD Full Bleed with no Border

- Here are the Dimensions to upload your work to fit onto a Redbubble Postcard- 4"x 6" or
aspect ratio of 3:2 (or 2:3) will do the trick (if you are working bigger)

- It would be nice to keep the Artworks all PORTRAIT for a more uniform look, but will accept landscape too

- YOUR LETTER or NUMBER must be somewhere on or in the design. This can be totally at your own artistic discretion. You may have the letter incorporated in the Illustration or placed in a corner for example. It may be Hand Drawn or a TypeFace (this will be part of the overall fun and interpretation). Try and fill the space.

- YOUR ILLUSTRATION must have something relating to your Letter or Number in it, so that Children can associate and learn from the illustration (E.g. Letter A might include An Apple, An Arrow, An Anteater- Number 3 might represent the 3 Little Pigs or 3 Billy Goats Gruff) The fun part !!!

- We will be working in order from A to Z and then 1-12. Artists will take turns, so that everyone gets their MOMENT IN THE SPOTLIGHT I will tick off the list when you have completed your work.

- POST HERE on this thread when you are complete

- DO put the thread on watch and give support to your fellow artists when they upload their letter/number. We all work at different paces and have other committments- So please exercise some patience and support. The journey is as important as the destination.

NB: If you have any probs with posting images etc- do bmail for help :))

Have lots of Fun- I’m really looking forward to your creations and watching the alphabet unfold

Anita Inverarity Anita Inverarity 4179 posts


- When we have our completed Aphabet and Numbers, I will be using a group allocated voucher to purchase a POSTCARD of each work. You will be asked to put a maximum mark-up of 20% on your postcard (if your markup is usually higher we will need to arrange a specific time for the purchase to take place, so mark up can be ammended temporarily). There wilI probably be 2 purchase dates throughout the project- I will keep you informed.

- The Postcards will be mounted and laminated with your Name, Country and Redbubble URL details to be used as a promotional tool, to advertise you and your work. When you complete your consent post (there is room to leave these details)

- The “Promotional Exhibition” will then start its “Grand Tour of World Domination” LOL- I just had to get that in there :))

- First Stop (1 Month) – I have secured an exhibition site at The Children’s Services Centre in Aberdeen Scotland- The largest purpose built office and training centre for the Childcare Sector in the North East of Scotland

- From there it will visit 11 Schools in Aberdeen (for 1 Month periods) and be displayed in their Childcare Settings where Children can enjoy the work and Staff and Parents can see your details (maybe check out your redbubble galleries)

I will post photographs of the exhibition at each location and keep the thread updated here

I might include a comments book- to get feedback from the staff, children and parents too

Then its over to you Guys
I thought why stop there ?? ZOMBIE TEETH has already mentioned that he works in a Nursery in England. So all going well I would like to post the Exhibition Package onto him and so on and so on……. wouldnt it be great to tour this round the world ??

So in order to keep the Grand Tour going- I will be posting a thread
Superheroes Alphabet Grand Tour Dates
This means we can all add any venues we secure and pass it round. This is not compulsory but I really hope everyone will embrace the idea. As I said Maximum Exposure- Minimum Cost

Anita Inverarity Anita Inverarity 4179 posts

I’m going to bmail you all official invitations now and make our CONSENT PAGE & GRAND TOUR PAGE
Then its over to our talented and brave Superhero- Lionel Tosan- to create our first letter- BEST LUCK
Excited !!!!!!!!!!!! Very !!!!!!!!!


Wow wow! I can’t wait to see the first letter hehe ;D
Amazing work hon and organization, I’m very very excited! Cheers for all this hard work hon.

Damien Mason Damien Mason 2932 posts

This is amazing Anita, thanks so much for including me. I already have ideas boiling around in my head.

You rock :)

Lynnette Shelley Lynnette Shelley 639 posts

whoo! this sounds great!

Danielle Reck Danielle Reck 56 posts

Amazing!! Iḿ thrilled to be included and can wait to see everyoneś creations! Great work Anita! :):):)

Sanne Thijs Sanne Thijs 935 posts

oooh this sounds all so great!!
i am already thinking of how i am going to make my illustration

greets number 8

matthewdunnart matthewdunnart 764 posts

Excellent, can’t wait to see how this all turns out, I’m sure it’ll be a total blast :-)

Anita Inverarity Anita Inverarity 4179 posts

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I’m so made up to get all our reserves included. I noted your idea about including numbers Sanne :))) Its going to be a blast
Thanks for all your support. I’m bmailed out- so away to watch Lost and I’ll be back to do the consent links etc.

Anita Inverarity Anita Inverarity 4179 posts

HeHe JINX Matthew, we typed “blast” together LOL- See the sync’s there already :))))

MoonSpiral MoonSpiral 800 posts

Yay!!! Great job Anita, YOU ROCK!!! I already know one thing that will of course be in my letter O drawing…hoo hoo :)

Lionel Tosan Lionel Tosan 9 posts

Oh, I will begin then. Well, allow me some little time to be ready please.
I could also after show the results in my class room too.

tiffatron tiffatron 45 posts

awesome i’m in!!! 3 for meeeee!! YIPPEEE!! Thanks anita ;) looking forward to seeing results! :)

Steven  Austin Steven Austin 685 posts

Game on!! Can’t wait to get stuck into my ‘E’!! And good job Anita – you’re a mover and shaker!!

Anita Inverarity Anita Inverarity 4179 posts

@ Wink Wink Woot Woot Moonspiral :D

@ Lionel- No hurries, just enjoy and it would be great to include your classroom in our Grand Tour :)))

@ Tiff & Ausven- I’m soooo excited to see your ideas (3 & E Yipeeee)

Diana-Lee Saville Diana-Lee Saville 740 posts

Going to do a P :)) lol
Thanks heaps for this fantastic opportunity Anita :)) I guess it pays to get up at 4am (to take my puppy out)

Diana-Lee Saville Diana-Lee Saville 740 posts

It would be cool if RB could sell the whole set as a “set”. It would be fantastic to see them in centres all over the world.
They’d also be awesome to just line your walls at home with :))

Erica Rosario Erica Rosario 54 posts

is it upper and lower case?

Anita Inverarity Anita Inverarity 4179 posts

@ Diana- Maybe RB will be listening LOL, you never know. I’m glad your *P*uppy got you up in time :))

@ Erica- Good Question- I think we can just go for one or the other (entirely your choice). I was visualising Upper, but a mix
will be cool, if we get it :)))

Michman Michman 446 posts

Wooot. A Very cool Project.
Looking forward to drawing X.

Anita Inverarity Anita Inverarity 4179 posts

@ Great to have you Michael- X marks the spot :))))

Richard Laschon Richard Laschon 75 posts

Let’s go, let’s go, i can’t wait:))))

Monsterkidd Monsterkidd 158 posts

Yay! This is going to be awesome!

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