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Character Creation Challenge Thread

matthewdunnart matthewdunnart 775 posts

Some really great entries dropping in this thread, it’s great to see.

Fanton Fanton 6 posts


I’ve entered my own creation, The Carrotty Kid, a character who I’ve been working on in one form or another for years now!

He’s basically a kung-fu fighting carrot – a vigilante vegetable – who lives with his sensei, Master Che-Ri, and who both protect their home-town of Legume City from the villainous Count Cornelius Cobb, and other assorted nasties.

I started it as a webcomic a while back, and spent a couple of years working with an animation studio in developing The Carrotty Kid for TV, which was REALLY cool. Sadly, it never made it to telly in the end, but it was still a lot of fun working on it.

He’s now back in the webcomic world (and on lots of RedBubble clothing!), in his recently relaunched website here (hope it’s okay to link to that!)

So, yeah…there you go, that’s my entry! FOOD FIGHT!

Sturstein Sturstein 405 posts

Fanton, that is so cool! Shame about the TV thing going bust :(

vampvamp vampvamp 1213 posts

i entered release
i am not yet sure of her name but i want to create her doing different things in different environments….

Anthropolog Anthropolog 104 posts

a funny story about hating early mornings after night work/life would be great
thats usually how most freelancers feel

Fanton Fanton 6 posts

Thanks, Sturstein! It was a shame the telly thing didn’t work out, but then again it’s a tough industry to break into, so I count myself lucky in having even got within sniffing distance! :)

Zombie Rust Zombie Rust 388 posts

Krait short bio:
Some time ago a couple of the southeast Asia located White Snake School of Martial Arts disciples while on a mountain hike, found a newborn baby wrapped around a large venomous snake. The two men took care of the infant and brought it back to their wise Master of their school, who accepted it and treated it like a son. The boy grew up there to become the best student the school had ever known, loyal to his Master, kind and helpful to his fellow students. They called him Krait, like the black and white stripped snake they found him with back then. By the time he was 18 years old he was a man of spiritual consciousness and a master of kung fu fighting.
All was well until corruption and dishonesty broke right in the school’s core, all originated by a satanic man, an evil genius, the multi level scientist who divided and conquered until he was the absolute ruler of his area. When even that was not enough for him, hell was unleashed…

Currently working on this story The Satanic Rites of Fu Manchu as part of Grindhouse And Mayhem, a suspense noir tale of revenge with martial arts action and a big dose of human drama.
I chose Krait over a dozen of other comic characters I have created, even if the story is still in development, cause I love the guy!

Octochimp Designs Octochimp Designs 561 posts

Sweet ! great work everyone. :) I’ve only just caught up on all of this. Very nice.

I’ve decided to put Bucky Bookoo (Intergalactic Mercenary) into the challenge. The character is still a bit green, but I’m going to keep this one going so you’ll get to know him better soon. :)

Joozu Joozu 63 posts

File of the world’s first Rasta Superhero:
Name: Obadiah
Mission: To kill vampires
Boss: Jah
Weapons: Wooden spears, lots of them
Costume: Adidas tracksuit, custom-made
Attitude: Fearless but laid-back

“Obadiah Obadiah
Jah Jah sent us here to catch vampire
Obadiah Obadiah
Jah Jah sent us here to catch vampire
We have the chalice to lite up Jah fire
When I am nigh catch them vampire
I am nigh I go set them on fire…”

“Vampire” by Lee Perry, performed by Sinead O’Connor

Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo Patricia Anne ... 282 posts

Nice works guys,
Zombie, that’s an awsome idea!

Anita Inverarity Anita Inverarity 4178 posts

Incredible work coming in here and the concepts are great !!!! So much fun and I’m looking forward to the chalenge results too :))

Sturstein Sturstein 405 posts

Should we be keeping our entries to single characters, or can we enter teams?

matthewdunnart matthewdunnart 775 posts

The more the merrier :-)

Sturstein Sturstein 405 posts

After much pondering over which of my many characters I’d enter in this I decided against werewolves and hot chicks, and opted for a more kid-friendly creation. A mutt and his mistress. She’s the sensible one. But you probably guessed that.

Raz Solo Raz Solo 54 posts

I am in love with the wererooster :D

Aimeski is my entry. She’s the title character of my weekly (or thereabouts) webcomic, and she is basically an evil horrible person who reaks havoc on all those around her in the least politically correct way she can. I have been slowly getting around to getting some merchandise out there and am always pleasantly surprised when I sell something to someone who isn’t a friend of mine as it means YAY they really like me! Or her. Whatever. :P

I used to have a fan page on facebook which was pretty popular for a while, but facebook has kind of neutered fan pages a lot which is a topic I could rant at great length about another time maybe….

If any of y’all want to check out her adventures, she can be located at

There is also an archive of older stuff over here which is where she lived when she was a bit less polished and the gags were all 3 panel strips.

Bear in mind that it’s really offensive a lot of the time. :)

Soxy Fleming Soxy Fleming 1672 posts

this was actually the very first of my Bandit Birds to get into this form….

my bandit bird characters (more a whole race than one particular “person”) emerged spontaneously from a some crayon drawing I did a couple of years ago when I first joined the bubble…. I’m not sure what made me pick up the bandit bird character but I started refining its features so that I could have a very easily recognisable and highly repeatable form…..then the first “clean” drawing – the one above – of “him” (for I make my birds genderless deliberately) came about because of an ARSE group speed T challenge…. ( 2 hours to create and upload a T on a given theme)
The character grew from there….the basics being that my bird is genderless, has a limited range of expressions (but manages quite a few moods within that restrictive framework)….then one day, with the temptation of free shipping from Blurb I put a whole lot of the birds together into a story. (also repeated this in a calendar)
More recently my bird has tried dressing up (thanks to Sturstein) as various superheroes
become a fashion victim and been adapted to serve a piano teacher
I even thought that maybe the birds would make it big earlier in the year but it was not to be
I didn’t expect my bird character to get around as much as “he” has and I have no idea where “he” is off to next!

iamsla iamsla 27 posts

Well, here’s Edward the Hamster or Ed as he’s usually known. A former family pet… he “escaped” when one chubby sticky figured owner, decided to give him a bath in the toilet. Upon the mother finding her beloved child playing in the germ basin, with what appeared to be a quishy brown object. Without hesitation flushed the little blighter down the bog and to his freedom. The child in question was quickly sent to therapy.

Mr Diddelidoo as he was originally christerned, soon went about getting in to all sorts of advertures and mishaps… and of course changing his name.

Simon Sherry Simon Sherry 1563 posts

Howdy – here’s mine, the enigmatic android assassin known only as “Angel Hips”

Will post up a bio shortly…

Octochimp Designs Octochimp Designs 561 posts

cool work… but if you post a bio will he still be ‘enigmatic’? :)

Simon Sherry Simon Sherry 1563 posts

Good point – luckily, the records on this guy are faily sparse ;o)

Simon Sherry Simon Sherry 1563 posts

Another tee featuring my entry into the comp:

Love the entries on display – going to have to spend a while plowing through them when I cast my votes!

matthewdunnart matthewdunnart 775 posts

The challenge has closed and there’s a whole week left for everyone to vote. The turnout for this challenge has been great, so many outstanding entries across a truly diverse range of themes on concepts. Good luck everyone!

Steven  Austin Steven Austin 685 posts

I second that Matt, some really cool characters both dark and light – it´s going to be interesting to see which way the voting goes – toward either the cute or the badass!!

Good luck to all!!

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