A group for photographers and artists who live in the Illawarra. Photos must be taken within the Illawarra region and represent the region.


  • Board rider. by Ian Ramsay
  • Gerroa headland. by Ian Ramsay
  • Shellharbour at Sunrise by Geoff Smith
  • Bombo Quarry by Geoff Smith
  • Bushrangers Bay by Geoff Smith
  • Kangaroo by Jervis Bay by Steven Guy
  • Southbeach, Wollongong by Geraldine Lefoe
  • Sunset from Primbee by rom01
  • Kully Bay Pier by rom01
  • Rocks at South Beach by rom01
  • South Beach at Night by rom01
  • Smoke across the Sky by rom01
  • Kully Bay Pier II by rom01
  • Super Moon over Bowen by Les Boucher
  • Shellharbour Seascape pan by rom01
  • Looking for adventure by Geraldine Lefoe
  • Family Discussion by Les Boucher
  • F R A C T U R E D by Arfan Habib