Iconic images : traditional to today.

About This Group

We share the human trait of seeking the archetypal, supreme representation, which we express in our art as an object of contemplation or adulation : iconic images. Or, IKONesque, a word coined by IaninBagdad.

IKONesque is an ecumenical Group: a place for thoughtful discussion and display of symbolic representations of universal concepts. If you work in the “traditional” medium of the ikon, please submit it here, but this is not a criterion for the group.

This is not always an easy exercise, and we encourage you to read the definitions and guidelines carefully and please join forum discussions of the goals of IKONesque.

Images we seek are those that are in the symbolic icon style, be it spiritual or secular. Your icon might be a saint, Madonna & child, a totem or symbol, a gilded Byzantine figure, a concept, or The Kitchen God! It might be the subject or the symbols contained in the image, but it may also be the meaning of the image, its exterior appearance (e.g., a gold-byzantine-like feeling, or a halo, the choice of the colours…).

IMAGE EXAMPLES. Please see these before joining.

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