If It Moves, Shoot It (Subject must be moving)

Your Subject must be obviously moving (Cars, Animals, Boats, Birds Etc) We're about MOVEMENT.


  • contrast series - 7 by Perggals© - Stacey Turner
  • Piper PA-25 Pawnee 235 G-BHUU by Colin Smedley
  • White Tiger by Brian Tarr
  • Magic DragoN by Graeme M
  • B2 Spirit of Pennsylvania by Barrie Woodward
  • Boeing B-17G Fortress II G-BEDF "Sally B" by Colin Smedley
  • Man feeding the Birds by henuly1
  • Riding On The WinD by Graeme M
  • Aeronca C3 G-ADRR by Colin Smedley
  • contrast series - 6 by Perggals© - Stacey Turner
  • Piping Oystercatchers by MikeSquires
  • Turtle Balloon,Canberra Balloon Festival,Australia 2013 by muz2142
  • "Baby Coot" by Malcolm Chant
  • Little Egret Take-off by MikeSquires
  • Peacock Balloon,Canberra Balloon Festival 2013 by muz2142
  • Tiger Moth Take-off @ Melton Air Show 2010 by muz2142
  • no.24 by Perggals© - Stacey Turner
  • Sopwith Triplane N6290 G-BOCK by Colin Smedley