If It Moves, Shoot It (Subject must be moving)

Your Subject must be obviously moving (Cars, Animals, Boats, Birds Etc) We're about MOVEMENT.

Recent Work

  • Jamestown Airshow 2018-Kittyhawk VH-KTY & Gazelle by muz2142
  • Ryan ST-A Special NC18923 by Colin Smedley
  • Jamestown Airshow 2018- Kittyhawk & Avenger by muz2142
  • Jamestown Airshow 2018-Mustang VH-AUB Climbing Banked by muz2142
  • Dawn over Cumbria  by Gary Power
  • Snowy owl in flight by Jim Cumming
  • Jamestown Airshow 2018-Gazelle XZ338 Approaching by muz2142
  • Jamestown Airshow 2018-Boomerang VH-XBL by muz2142
  • Temora Airshow 2018-Hudson Flypast  by muz2142
  • Temora Airshow 2018-Hawker Hurricane VH-JFW (V6748) by muz2142
  • High Key Arabesque  by Jim Haley
  • The Mad Macaw by Brian Tarr

About This Group

If it’s moving at pace we want you to capture it and post it. Anything at all can be posted as long as THE SUBJECT is OBVIOUSLY MOVING. If you can convince your other half to run naked up the street then take a picture and post it. However the group would much rather see Animals, Cars, Trucks, Aircraft, Trains, Bikes, Birds, all Sorts of Sports, Parades, Carnivals & Etc.

Images of just water won’t be accepted (see group rules).

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