ID Me ~ Nature Photos ONLY if UN-ID'd

Group Rules:

Photos must be of something from nature (plants, animals, insects, fungi) that are UNKNOWN TO YOU or of something you would like to learn more about.

Photos that do not have a clear subject, are of poor quality, are not of flora or fauna, or are clearly already identified will not be accepted.

Please make it clear in the photo description if you are looking for more information than just its name and where located. Otherwise, it will be assumed you are only looking for a name. Response to inquiries or comments REALLY helps keep this working…if you are not replying, your image will be deleted.

Once a photo has been deemed “identified”, please remove the photo from the group or the group hosts will do it for you. You may want to add the info you learned to the photo description.

Good quality photos may be featured, but once identified, they will be removed in order to keep the group to only unidentified photos.

Members who demonstrate a strong ability in identification may be asked to be a featured member or co-host. If you feel you are good at identification and would like to be considered as a featured member or co-host, send a BubbleMail to one of the hosts.

Members who continually submit photos outside of the guidelines will be warned by BubbleMail, and then once more if it continues to happen. After the second warning, they will be removed from the group if they continue to break the rules.

This group is NOT a guessing game one….if you already know what you have don’t post to see if people will just go to view.
No abstract work please…….this makes it a LOT more difficult to ID. ie: Close ups of a spot on a mushroom cap without showing the WHOLE mushroom doesn’t help at all. :o)
No black/white…altered color….sepia! WOW is it difficult to identify a subject if we have no idea what it’s true colors are!

No roses or boquets. You can probably get information better with a florist who is familiar with identifications there then in this group.

Please give location….what part of world or country….near trees, in desert, salt water/fresh water……all this helps!